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Woodlands Condom Plantation

Untitled-65In one corner of a little wilderness in Woodlands, there are utilized condoms and condom wrappers strewn everywhere throughout the ground.


The several condoms are a by-result of a wilderness house of ill-repute that has been in and bankrupt for as far back as 14 years.

The New Paper initially gave an account of the wilderness house of ill-repute in May 2004.

Lianhe Wanbao as of late returned to the site, which is arranged between Woodlands Avenue 4 and 9, and found that the site’s surreptitious exercises were back and flourishing.

As night fell, men could be seen strolling into the wilderness. Some went in alone, while others touched base in gatherings.


In the space of thirty minutes, 30 men were seen strolling into the region, amid the stakeout by the Chinese evening day by day.

They are accepted to be living in adjacent residences.

A mysterious source said that the ladies are for the most part remote specialists. They touched base in gatherings in taxis and strolled specifically into the wilderness, while their clients showed up before long.

The space is isolates and encompassed by trees. Wooden shafts raised on the ground hold up canvas sheets, framing a temporary room.

A torn sleeping pad wrapped in canvas sheets sits in the center.


Every session on the sleeping pad is said to last somewhere around 10 and 20 minutes.

Wanbao reported that the house of ill-repute is open each day and appreciates great business.

The administrators seemed all around sorted out – there were men going about as posts and “ushers” utilizing lights to guide clients into the zone.

Recently, The New Paper identifies with occupants in the region. Some said they were concerned while others conceded they have ended up accustomed to it.

An occupant, who needed to be referred to just as Madam Lina, 53, said that she has seen men and woman going into the forested area.


Madam Lina, who lives on the main story of Block 878, Woodlands Avenue 9, included that she was agonized over the security of her child, 24, and two little girls, matured 19 and 27.

“Now and then, my spouse and I would put a table and seat outside our level to sit and sit tight for our kids to return home,” said Madam Lina, who is a VP of a childcare focus.

Another occupant said that the ladies working at the whorehouse even endeavored to request business from her spouse, so he changed his course home to keep away from them.

The 64-year-old housewife, who declined to be named, has been living in the region for a long time.


The 64-year-old house wife┬ásaid that she lived around there for so long that I’m not frightened of this. There is not something to fear.

For the pass 14 years more than 100 have been arrested.

TNP has reported no less than six episodes of bad habit in the range somewhere around 2003 and 2012.

In 2003, TNP reported that the spot was home to 66 suspected unlawful outsiders, 39 of whom were ladies.

The spot was found to have a typical can and temporary cabins.

In 2004, 34 outside nationals were captured there for bad habit exercises.

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