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Friday, October 7, 2022


Singapore animal welfare group Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore (CDAS), recently rescued a 1-year-old dog from a man who claimed to be a secret society member.


The group said that the dog, Kopi, had been living in “some of the worst” conditions that they had ever seen, and the owner had threatened the volunteers and said he was not afraid of the authorities.

Kopi had been living inside a small cage at a factory, and had junk piled on top of his cage with no roof to shelter him from the weather.

As a result, the poor dog is now easily startled by sudden sounds and movements, and is a very nervous and frightened dog.

Post from CDAS looking for adopters

Recently, we liberated Kopi, a one-year-old, from some of the worst conditions that we have seen. This poor fellow was kept in a most minute cage, with no protection from the sun or rain, with hardly any space to move. It was quite appalling.


He came to us as a very nervous and frightened dog. He would bolt for no reason as he looked up expecting something to fall onto him. This is most likely a reaction from when metal junk was thrown on top of his cage in his previous environment. Other times, he was easily startled by sudden sounds and movement.

However, we have seen huge improvements for the past two months. When he gets on side with someone, he is amiable and loving. When he is an environment that he feels secure in he tends to be more relaxed. When he feels that he knows the person who he is dealing with he is gentleness itself. In other words, inside this dog, there is a very beautiful and loving animal trying to escape his awful start in life and blossom into the dog that he was always meant to be.

The biggest challenge that Kopi has is that he continues to be wary of strangers. He has tried to lunge and occasionally bite whenever someone he doesn’t know comes too close to him. This young boy is still badly shaken by the horrible experiences and is still trying to make sense of what humans want from him.

We are now working under some time pressure. The current boarder is unable to keep lovely Kopi beyond the middle of October and we are urgently appealing to someone to help him. A single person, or perhaps a couple, would be the most ideal and a quiet environment would be a huge bonus.

Can you accept the challenge, joy, and reward from giving this lovely fellow the new start in life that he never had before? If so, please pm us. Otherwise kindly hit the share button. His fate lies in our hands. Would you join us to change his fate?




We’re still struggling to come to terms with the horrific scene we witnessed today at 14 Penjuru Road.

A young dog, trapped in a cramped crate with little ventilation, living among debris and garbage, and sweltering under the scorching sun. To say that the dog’s living conditions in this ‘dungeon’ were appalling would be a huge understatement.

Instead of being able to run around freely, and explore all that life has to offer him, this poor dog is left cowering in his crate for hours on end each day, unable to even stand straight.

When we confronted the owner’s son (a young man in his 20s) he became defensive – nearly to the point of aggression – and insisted that the dog is comfortable in this state. This is despite the frightened snarls and barks we could clearly hear the dog making. We tried our best to explain to the owner that this was hurting his dog, and brought up the code of animal welfare guidelines to him, but to no avail. He was adamant that he had a legal license to treat the dog in this inhumane way, and claimed that he is not afraid of the authorities. NParks

Like all of you, we are extremely worried for this young dog right now. When we approached him, he was overcome with fear, and began snarling aggressively.

We filed a report with AVS right after leaving the place. We sincerely hope that the AVS will be able to take action to help get the dog out of its poor living conditions immediately.

This is where YOU come in. We need more witnesses to come forth – if you have seen this dog around, and know more about its background, please reach out to us on our social media pages.

Alternatively, you can share this post to not only increase the chances of us finding witnesses to this horrific case, but also spread awareness among the community.

Collectively, we CAN help the dog escape this ‘dungeon’, so that it can live the fulfilling life it deserves.

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