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10 Advice For Typical Singaporeans Travelling To Bangkok

10 Advice

When travelling to main districts don’t take taxi during peak period. What peak period? Same as Singapore peak period hours. Early morning, lunch, evening.


Don’t take “tuk tuk” or “took took” unless you want get chop like robert. Example, The distance travelling from orchard mrt to somerset would be around 300 baht, around 11 dollars. Even taking a taxi in Singapore during peak periods would not be so expensive. Always negotiate if you’re have no choice such as stuck in a jam.

MRT and BTS is your best friend when travelling around. Take the train. Its stations are short and fast but its cheapers. If your travelling to a short distance with a group of 4. It might be cheaper to take a taxi

Don’t insult any religious statues or practices, unless you feel that life is too long. The police won’t save you.

Don’t insult the King, You might see the photos of the royal families everywhere. Don’t make unnecessary comments, failing to do so will result in again brutal punishement from the locals. Again, The police won’t save you.


Don’t make fun of the transvestites, they might dress as a lady but their biceps are not like a lady.

Don’t go patpong Cheating, robbing, theft, threatening… you name it.

The famous water festival in thailand also known as songkran is only weeks away. It’s fun to spray water guns but please avoid this area(although it’s fun). Do not go khaosan road. Crime is so common during this festive season that temporary police stations is set up at the start and end of the roads for tourist to report pick pocketing. Don’t worry the media is already waiting in the station film your incident and your face. But trust me… it’s never gonna come back.

Always negotiate when buying. The moment is you “how much?” or you think you’re smart and said “tao rai?” but with the wrong accent your still a “robert” to chop for them.

A Lot of locals would go to platinum mall and think ohhh its so cheap, trust me the same items can be found in Saphan Phut Night market at half the price.




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