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Actor Xavier Ong, did a Facebook live on a Sunday (13 Feb) to share some serious allegations against an e-commerce company set up by fellow artistes, Terence Cao, Dawn Yeoh, Vincent Ng and Shane Pow.


The e-commerce platform, known as Sibay Shiok, was alleged to have owed him a sum of between $13,000 – $15,000 and all efforts by Ong to reach Cao were futile.

Worked as a live streamer for them

The actor who is currently 27 years of age, worked for Sibay Shiok for about three to four months and left in January this year to run his own e-commerce platform, City Boy.

He was first brought in by Yeoh as a live streamer, but eventually rose up to take more responsibilities such as replying to Facebook messages and handling the backend stuff.

Claims he was insulted verbally

He added that while he was grateful for the opportunity to learn as a live streamer, words used on him became stronger as more was expected of him.


He claims that he was insulted verbally whenever things go wrong even though it was not his fault.

Phrases like:

“You are useless”
“I’m paying you, just shut up and work”

were used on him which was what made him decided to leave them.

Even though he did not mention who was the one that insulted him, his parting message to Cao suggests that Cao was the one that had insulted him.


Here is the message that was sent to Cao

“I never expected to be name-called ‘i***t’ and ‘useless’ repeatedly after what I’ve contributed, whether or not I’ve met anyone’s expectations”

“I see what you are doing to build an effective team in a fast-paced environment, forcing a steep learning curve for all of us, it could have been a more enjoyable journey together. Moving forward, let me know how you want to sort out the finances after you work out my pay, commission, and hotel expenses.”

Cao replied

Here is what Cao replied to Ong:

“It’s okay, appreciate your efforts. I sincerely apologise for my harshness last night, I’m sorry. It’s just a job, we can still be friends.”

Cao also told him that he will assign someone to come out with the amount of Ong’s final pay before letting him know how much he would be paid but till now, there is no news from Cao at all.

Allegations made that Cao’s company owed him $13,000-$15,000

According to Ong, he alleged that the amount owed to him by Sibay Shiok was around $13,000-$15,000 and some other expenses.

He had tried all means to reach out to Cao but his efforts have came back futile.

Ong even tried using a Telegram channel which he had access to as he was the one who created it for the company as a ransom to ask for money owed to him back.

Ong also claimed that the sum of money was for work he had done for Sibay Shiok but ever since 6 January 2022, he has been asking for the sum of money to be paid to him but did not get a reply even though he had texted Cao directly.

He further claims that Cao had blocked him.


Gave up asking for the money back

Ong added that he has now gave up asking them to return the money to him as he wanted to put all his attention to the e-commerce platform which he has set up, City Boy.

He also had removed the admin rights of the other admins in the Sibay Shiok Telegram chat but they are still able to reply to queries made by potential customers.

He also clarified that he never ever had the intention to withhold their channel from them and would have transferred the rights back to them after he had got his dues returned to him.

He now claims that after giving up chasing that sum of money back, he will transfer the account back to them.

Allegations answered by Cao and Yeoh

Cao and Yeoh then held their own live session to respond to the allegations made by Ong, saying that they take the allegations very seriously.

When asked by a netizen if they really owed the money to Ong, they said that they have referred the matter to their legal team and they are now seeing to the matter.

Cao added that he was not here to pick a fight or deny any wrongdoings but rather, he said that every allegation must be proven for it to be true.

They will leave everything to the legal team to decide whether the allegations made by Ong are true or false.

Cao also said that the Telegram channel which Ong had created had been ‘hacked’ and all admins including Yeoh and himself have been removed from the group.

Yeoh said that it is hilarious that people say someone is replying to queries because all the admins including themselves have been kicked out.


Ong disappointed with Yeoh

Ong when asked about the live session held by Cao and Yeoh said that while Cao’s response to the matter was nothing unexpected, he was disappointed with Yeoh whom he claims have always ‘defended’ him.

Ong said that he had addressed this matter as he had wanted to put an end to everything but since things have already escalated to potential legal actions to be taken, there is nothing that he can do and he will play the situation ‘by ear’.

As of now, he has not received any legal letter.

Image source: @SibayShiok/Facebook, City Boy/Facebook

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