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“Ah Beng” Interior Design Company Received Deposit for HDB Reno and Went Missing

It was a sunny day in Singapore when I first walked into the office of “Ah Beng” Interior Design. The company had been recommended to me by a friend who had recently renovated her HDB flat. She had praised their innovative designs and reasonable prices. Little did I know, this would turn into a nightmare that would leave me feeling cheated and helpless.


I had saved up for years to renovate my HDB flat. I had dreams of a modern kitchen, a cozy living room, and a tranquil bedroom. “Ah Beng” Interior Design promised to turn these dreams into reality. I was impressed by their portfolio and their seemingly professional approach. I decided to entrust them with my hard-earned money, hoping for a home that I could be proud of.

I paid a hefty deposit, as is customary in such renovation projects. The company assured me that work would begin in a few weeks. However, weeks turned into months, and there was no sign of any work being done. My calls and emails to the company went unanswered. I visited their office multiple times, only to find it locked. It was then that I realized something was terribly wrong.

I was not alone. Several other customers had also paid deposits to “Ah Beng” Interior Design and were left in a similar predicament. We were all victims of a renovation scam. The company had collected our deposits and disappeared without a trace. We were left with empty homes and lighter wallets.

The incident left me feeling betrayed and angry. I had trusted “Ah Beng” Interior Design with my home and my money. In return, they had vanished, leaving me with a half-renovated home and a hole in my pocket. I felt helpless, not knowing where to turn or what to do next.


I decided to take the matter to the authorities. Along with other victims, I filed a police report. We also approached the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) for help. While the authorities were supportive, they informed us that such cases are challenging to resolve. The perpetrators often cover their tracks well, making it difficult to locate them.

This experience has been a harsh lesson for me. I have learned the importance of doing thorough research before engaging any company for renovation works. It is crucial to check their credentials, track record, and reviews from past customers. It is also advisable to pay the deposit in stages, rather than in a lump sum.

Despite the ordeal, I remain hopeful. I believe that the authorities will do their best to bring the culprits to justice. I also hope that my story serves as a warning to others. Let my experience be a reminder to be vigilant and cautious when dealing with interior design companies.

In the meantime, my dream home remains just that – a dream. But I am determined not to let this setback deter me. I will save up again, do my research, and hopefully, find a trustworthy interior design company that can turn my dream into reality. After all, every cloud has a silver lining. This incident, while unfortunate, has made me wiser and more cautious. And for that, I am grateful.

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