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I recently started to be more popular with girls. Some months ago i met a girl and we got along insanely well. We only met a few times but we did many things together and really bonded. The last days we started making out.

Now the first problem: she lives 58k kilometres away in Malaysia.


We decided that it would be best for us to not have a long-distance relationship since we both believe most of them don’t have a future, especially at that young age. We keep in contact and text each other every day. My friends believe and I wish it was true that we have an unofficial relationship. Since I met her I did not talk to any new girl.

Another important thing to know is that I will visit and live at her house for half a year. We decided that we would see how things turn out when we’re together again.

Now the second problem: my sister has that one friend (18 years old) who is very attractive (reminds me of Elizabeth Olsen the one that played the Scarlet Witch in Marvel movies). At a party last night she was very touchy and flirty with me. She told me that the only reason she would not make out with me is that I am the brother of her best friend. At some point, she straight up told me we should kiss and so we did. We were touchy but did not have S.

My sister told me that she does not have a problem if we had anything to do with each other.


2 of my friends found out because they saw us.

I don’t want a relationship with my sister’s best friend, it was only that night and she does not either.

I feel so bad knowing the girl i really like will text me in the morning asking how the party went and I, even though we dont have a relationship feel like I basically cheated on her. I talked to my sister and the 2 friends and my sister and one friend told me that i overthink and it is not that big of a deal im just dumb. The other told me that I indeed cheated on her and i must tell her immediately.

What should I do?

Here are what netizens think:

  • There is this Chinese saying, “Water from afar cannot save fire that is nearby” be logical.
  • Since your not official, she might be doing the same thing over there.
  • To be young and innocent, how I wish I can turn back time.
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