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Friday, October 7, 2022


I 21f have a colleague who doesn’t like to follow rules and regulations.

I work in a daycare. I work with kids as young as one. The centre has strict rules when it comes to food and other things.


Now to the issue. She hasn’t been pulling her weight when it comes to daily tasks. Cleaning, diaper changes, curriculum, and all around watching the kids. Covid has been spreading among the kiddos. We were told we needed to disinfect and sanitize the toys. She left. Leaving me to clean all the toys myself. Diaper changes are the worst She takes 10-20 minutes to change one kid. Causing us to be late to the schedule.

The curriculum has been planned in advance. We have everything scheduled for the next month. The children haven’t done the curriculum in two days. She ended up doing there curriculum project herself. They were supposed to be painting and reading. They didn’t do that.

Every time I brought up the curriculum she would wave me off.

When it comes to watching the kids we are supposed to be in ratio. 5:1 five kids to one teacher. If we are not in ration we will get in trouble. Especially if the owners come in. The other day she Left me to go help another teacher. I had three crying kids and other kids fighting. It was hectic. The reason she left me was to help another class with three teachers clean the toys they were playing with outside. She was gone for 30 minutes. We were already understaffed because of teachers having Covid.


the schedule says that kids are supposed to have breakfast, lunch, and two snacks before they leave for the day. She told me I didn’t have to give the kiddos snacks. Come to find out she only gave them snacks when she brought them some. This was all before me. I didn’t know until yesterday that she wasn’t giving the snacks everyday.

Yesterday she brought them M&Ms if you know anything about kids you know they can’t eat that. Not because of the sugar but because they are a choking hazard. You can’t feed them things that small. She’s constantly giving them snacks they can’t have. That’s why the no outside food rules are in place.

Now for the reason, I reported her. There was a little girl. She’s the kind of kid who wants lots of attention and will cry if attention is not given. She told me I just need to let her cry it out. I had a bad childhood. I couldn’t just let the kid cry. It hurt my heart too much. She kept saying that’s the child need help. Because she was “special”. Referring to the child beings “special needs”. I have cousins on the spectrum and I was personal offended.

Everything will be addressed on Monday. I honestly feel a bit guilty. Because I’m messing with someone’s livelihood. But I also feel like I did the right thing. If it’s short I’m sorry there is a character limit.\

Did I do the wrong thing?

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