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I’m a 28F. I have a ten-year-old daughter. My sole focus has been my career and raising my child.


My best friend has been trying for the longest to hook me up with her brother, Michael, who I’ve known since I was a young girl. It wasn’t that I didn’t think he was attractive, it was just wrong timing for me.

Anyhow this past Christmas he asked me out, and we hit it off. About the third month, he asked me when I would officially introduce him to my daughter. It’s not like she hasn’t been around him, but once we started dating, I kept them separate.

Things that happened to me when I was little are why I’m so overprotective of her. I told him that I had a twelve-month rule. If we make it past that mark then I would ‘think’ about introducing them.

It comes up again in the fifth month, I’m starting to feel weirded out. I ask him why he keeps pressing the issue, and he states that I was treating him like he was a weirdo. I told him I’m sorry that he feels that way, but I’m doing what was best for my daughter.

A few weeks ago, he was over for drinks and dinner. My daughter has a habit that whenever she leaves, she locks her door because my sister has six kids that don’t respect boundaries, that’s a story for another day, but they had been here earlier.

My parents who don’t stay too far from me had locked their keys in the car. It’s a fifteen-minute drive at most, since I had food on, I left him here, but like five minutes down the road my parents called and told me my brothers were there so there was no need for me to come.

I get a ping from my hallway camera, which I thought was odd. For a few minutes I watch him try to pry my daughter and my bedroom doors open. Then what made me even more creeped out is that I watched him go through my mail and read it, one of which was my bank statement. He went through my dirty laundry, thankfully none of it belonged to my daughter but it was still disgusting.

I was freaked out to the point I called my brother. Once I told my brother what was going on, he, two of our other brothers, and my father showed up within minutes and demanded he leaves and doesn’t come back. A big argument ensued, and my brothers even gave him a few choice words.

I received nasty texts from him all about how I embarrassed him.

My best friend called calling me out of my name about making her brother look bad, so I snapped on her and called her brother a psychopath and a bunch of other names I can’t write.

She told me she would never forgive me for what I did to her brother. That he can’t have kids is why he was so anxious to meet my daughter. I told her that was no excuse! That he was lucky he was alive, so he should be thanking me!

Now her family is trying to harass me, but I’ve blocked them. My brothers got Michael fired from his job. Now some friends say I handled it wrong.

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