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Saturday, November 26, 2022


My dad is a loving dad (in his own way), he gives us everything he can, and I am really grateful for him, especially since I recently graduated from university and unfortunately have not landed a job.

So I am mostly at home, applying to jobs, going to interviews and helping around the house.


Of course, like every person, he has his flaws but I think they are becoming too much mentally.

Recently, my dad has been working from home, at first it was fine, he worked quietly in his own little made up office that is located in the living room, and he was happy and a little less stressed from work. That is until the last couple of weeks, lately he’s been stressed out about work more than ever, at first he would slam the table and/or grunt in frustration, he’s a grumpy man so it did not startled us at all, until he started asking for help.

At first it was fine, a little grumpy but I tried to help as much as I could, especially now in this bump in the road for me, as I stated above.

And then he would get really frustrated at something or someone from work, the internet or even at the system that he uses for a specific task and would ask for help again but this time in a very hostile way, he would raise his voice, and sometimes he makes little comments talking about not wanting to help him and to understand his frustration, even though I really try to help him, but he works in an area that I don’t know, and even though I have basic knowledge on computers, it’s not my speciality and I help as much as I can and even my mom has helped him, but yet he continues to make comments, it makes feel stupid.


I don’t think he talks or treats his coworkers like that, so why is he treating us like that?

He does apologize though, but he continues to do it.

I have offered solutions to his problems but, he doesn’t do it, blocks everyone out and does whatever he wants.

This house feels like workplace at this point, everything about him and what goes around the house is because of how stressed he is from work. I love him and I understand that work is hard and stressful, but I am tired of him bringing these issues at home and stressing everyone out. I want my dad, not a colleague or a boss.

Today I snapped, the whole family was already tensed up for issues unrelated to this, but I was tired so I let my frustrations out (maybe not in the best way possible) I told him that I did not want him to work at home, and he got offended, he walked away, only to come back, set everything to work on site the next day and told me that I was going to regret loosing a good father one day, that I don’t love him or want him at home, that I did not understand him, that I hold grudges against him, etc. I was hurt for me and because maybe my comments hurt him but I really don’t care at this point.


I’m tired, and I don’t know what to do.

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