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I’m a teacher. The year was 2016, so I was 28 at that time when a student of mine (17F), let’s call her Sarah, told me (actually, she text me) that she was in love with me.

We used to talk about music, tv series, and this kinda stuff so she got me totally by surprise.

Just to be clear, I never hit on her, or any other student, I consider myself very professional. I told her I definitely couldn’t engage with her, for many reasons, like she is my student and a minor. Sarah would graduate by the end of that year, but there were 3 to 4 months still. We agreed to wait until she’d be 18 and no longer my student, only then we could see if this would work, besides the age difference.

Well, it didn’t work out as planned.

She started to behave like she’s already my gf, not in class in front of everyone, but texting me, saying that I didn’t like her or I was being cold with her.


I was feeling so pressured to do something, like she was rushing things, so by the end of the semester I simply block her number, I thought it would be easier this way, since you can’t breakup with someone you don’t even have a relationship with in the first place.

And it would be better for her to date someone her age anyways. We never saw or talked with each other anymore until 2021.

Last year I accidentally found her Instagram page. Sarah was beautiful than ever. I thought I could give it a try now that she’s grown up and stuff, so I DM her and she replied me. We started to talk again, things were flowing, so I ask her out. And she said yes.

It was an awesome date, we both agreed. The past was mentioned at some point, but briefly, so I thought it was behind us. Now, apparently, I was in love. We were talking everyday, but about one week after she suddenly stopped message me or answering my calls.

After some days, she replied me, saying that she can’t forgive what I did to her, that I was a complete AH for dumping her in the past. I apologize for saying that I could at least tell her what was going on instead of just blocking her.


I tried to argue that she was way too young at that time, that we are both different persons now, but it didn’t convince her. I got so upset, my feelings were really broken. I even asked her why she agreed to go on a date with me just to dump me one week later, if it was some kinda of payback or something. She said no, that she liked me back, but really can’t forgive what I did.

We don’t speak with each other anymore.

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