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Alcoholic Thai disco Siao Playboy wants custody of his children


Recently an article caught the attention of netizens about a guy that abadon his wife and kids for alcohol and nightlife


(Facebook post by jojo tan)

“This is the Fatty(Aw Jia Ming Gilbert). He give up this family, let us down and sought to abandon us, despite my ples. He still expect me to pay him back the amount that he contributed the shares in this house. Now, he want to take away my 2 boys half way from school and dump them back to the maid at the messy house so his mission for his mum will b ended? If you are following your mum(Rena Tan Kim Lian) instructions and want to fight ..than pls think of the child welfare and you dun ruin their childhood. Throughout the marriage,he was financially irresponsible and had never provided for the family. Start from May 2016 children Maintainace he only willing to give 3 for $400 claimed himself as a boss at Happy Kitchen mighty chef location at 41 Airline road siaec hangar 5 s(819831) & 313 Sembawang airbase s(757754). It’s really ridiculous.. and yet want to take the whole weekdays & weekend from Friday to sun(Who can take care of them when everyone are working). The whole family really forcing me to the end. I need my Justice and is very unfair to me.”

“Gilbert aw has been an alcholic and womanizer during our marriage,hardly home to care for the child..He is just being spiteful..He chose to live his carefree life,without being tied down to his obligations as a father and husband. This is the man i have been living with and had to cope with..Now he still making false statement on lie and oath against me. He is failed to discharge his duties as a father, his mother RenaTan & Sister linxin aw who is behind the entire story.”

“2013-Open relationship & behaving intimately with unknown woman
11-19 April 2015-Went Yunnan for 10days
May 2015-Hit & run / drink & drive accident (After quarrel with gf)
15July 2015-Leading gf to fatal accident
17July 2015-I found out from police statement and his family has been behind supporting him
Aug 2015-He didnt come back and his parent blamed my fault and telling my child im not a good mother
Sep 2015-His mum set up dirty trick and make my life difficulties.
Oct 2015- All the children insurance/account, his mum arranged & forcing me to change to his son name instead of my name
3 Nov 2015-Went to china,did not even say how long he was going for
Dec 2015-His father Eric aw told me that his son left home because of my fault
Jan 2016-There came a breaking point and we cant continue unrepentant ways anymore”



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