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In a disturbing incident that unfolded at Shashlik Restaurant in Far East Shopping Centre on June 18 last year, a 54-year-old American, Greg Austin Lynn, has been fined S$5,500 (US$4,100) for a racially fueled outburst directed at the restaurant manager, Tan Tong Kein, according to Channel NewsAsia. (Full video of the incident below)


Lynn pleaded guilty to one count of using criminal force and another of using abusive words, with two additional charges considered during sentencing.

The Incident Unfolds

Before the incident, Lynn had called the restaurant and was informed by Mr. Tan that the last order would be taken at 9 pm. However, when Lynn arrived at the restaurant at about 9 pm that night, he was informed that the kitchen was already closed. This led to a sequence of events captured on closed-circuit television footage.

Lynn pushed Mr. Tan on the chest, causing the restaurant manager to stumble backward. Despite Mr. Tan’s attempts to de-escalate the situation, Lynn continued to speak loudly, using vulgarities that drew the attention of an off-duty police officer. Even after being confronted by another customer, Lynn persisted in his aggressive behavior.

Legal Proceedings and Guilty Plea

Originally slated for trial, Lynn decided on Monday morning to accept the charges. In the court hearing, Deputy Public Prosecutor Ryan Lim called for the maximum fine of S$5,000 for the abusive words charge and an additional S$500 fine for using criminal force.


Lim emphasized the highly insulting and abusive nature of Lynn’s words, pointing out the element of violence when Lynn threatened, “I will drop every last one of you.” Lynn also insulted the victim’s family, threatened harm to his business, and concluded his tirade with racially charged language.

Lynn’s Response

Despite the severity of the charges, Deputy Public Prosecutor Ryan Lim noted Lynn’s guilty plea and, “on balance,” requested a fine rather than a jail term. Lynn interjected during the proceedings, expressing his acceptance of the high fine and offering restitution of S$3,000 to the restaurant.

In his defense, Lynn explained that he stayed in the restaurant to seek police assistance in resolving the situation. He cited miscommunication, cultural shock, and timing as factors contributing to his unexpected outburst. Lynn expressed a willingness to make restitution and proposed probation with community service to avoid a criminal record.

Full Recap

In an incident at Shashlik Restaurant that took place on 18 June last year, a Caucasian man, now identified at 54-year-old American Greg Austin Lynn, unleashed a profanity-laden tirade at the staff, threatening to close down the establishment.

This display of anger and racial slurs disrupted the peaceful atmosphere of the restaurant and left many patrons in disbelief.


The incident, captured on video by a concerned diner, depicted Lynn directing his anger towards a male staff member who was dressed in a black polo shirt.

He resorted to a barrage of profanities, spewing insults and threats in a loud and disturbing manner. The video, recorded from a nearby table, captured his vehement outburst.

His aggressive behavior escalated as he approached the male staff member, coming face-to-face while continuing his verbal assault.

“I Will F- Every Family Member You’ve Ever Got From Here To China”

He was heard in the video screaming at the staff, saying: “I will drop every f-ing last one of you, now f- off and back the f- off! I will close your establishment down and I will f- every family member you’ve ever got from here to china you little b- because I own China too, f- you!

The sheer volume of his shouts reverberated through the restaurant, reaching the ears of patrons at nearby tables. The intense confrontation disrupted the otherwise calm environment of the establishment.

Amidst the chaos, a woman, presumably another staff member, intervened in an effort to defuse the escalating tension between the two men as she tried to calm the enraged customer and bring the situation under control.

The situation escalated to the point where the restaurant had to call the police for assistance, as the customer refused to leave the premises.

Eyewitness Accounts

According to a witness who captured the incident, the altercation occurred between 9:15pm and 9:20pm. It was speculated that the customer’s anger stemmed from arriving at the restaurant after the last order time, as indicated on Shashlik Restaurant’s website, which is 9:00pm.

Despite the prominent “Closed” sign displayed at the door, the customer insisted on being served immediately.

The staff explained the situation, emphasizing that the kitchen was no longer operational and had already started the cleaning process.


However, the customer vehemently rejected their explanation and grew increasingly aggressive. He began hurling insults at the restaurant staff, creating an uncomfortable and hostile environment for both employees and other patrons.

The witness, who condemned the customer’s behavior, noted the excessive use of profanity and the presence of racially charged remarks.

The other customers within the restaurant attempted to calm the furious man. Witness accounts confirm that several patrons stood up and requested the customer to compose himself.

Despite their efforts, the man continued his disruptive behavior from a corner table near the entrance. Another customer took it upon themselves to engage in a conversation with the agitated individual, striving to alleviate the situation.

Restaurant’s Response

The primary concern of the restaurant’s co-owner, Alan Tan, was the safety of their guests and staff members. Recognizing the potential for further escalation, Tan decided to involve the authorities to ensure a swift and peaceful resolution to the situation.

By seeking police assistance, the restaurant aimed to protect the well-being and experience of their customers.

Alan Tan strongly condemned the racist actions and offensive language used by the unruly customer. He stated that such behavior could never be tolerated, particularly in Singapore, which prides itself on being a harmonious and inclusive society.

The restaurant’s commitment to providing a welcoming environment to all guests was unwavering, and this isolated incident did not reflect their values or their relationship with their customers.

The incident at Shashlik Restaurant was an exceptional occurrence in their 37 years of operation. Alan Tan expressed gratitude for the support and positive experiences the restaurant has had with its patrons over the years.

The incident served as a stark reminder that even in an otherwise remarkable track record, unexpected situations can arise, and the staff’s ability to handle them professionally and responsibly is paramount.



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