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Another New Casino In Singapore! No Entry Fee!


Untitled-17 Singapore casinos have always had a rule, when a Singaporean enters… a $100 entry fee is required.

Now not anymore! Just head your way down to geylang lorong 14 and you will see the dark side of Singapore and prepar to get arrested. 187

When i was a younger man, My parents always tell me to avoid geylang as it is not a safe place. I always enjoyed the food at geylang, to walk off my bloated stomach i will always walk around and see what is the latest scandals happening here.

In the day it’s just an abandon back alley.During the night, illegal gamblers start to gather and begin enjoying gambling. How is this even possible in modern day Singapore where we have 340 police cameras installed yet this still occurs.

Literally metres from the gambling dens there are police cameras in operation. One might doubt if the camera are even working. The cat and mouse game of the police and criminals has been going on at geylang for years. Why is no action taken to arrest the illegal operations in geylang.

Please avoid gambling at this illegal areas.

Please refer to section 8 of the following link to see the full penalties of illegal gambling.


Gambling is an addiction. Gambling destroys families. Stop Gambling