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Monday, August 15, 2022

Working In SG or Overseas?

Untitled-4Will I Die For Singapore?


The answer is no, no matter how i try to justify my answer. When you ask around, no matter which group of friend you asked they will always say no.

Why? Why does singaporeans do not love their country. The answer is simple… we are too pampered by the govt. Some of you might disagree. But being a fellow singaporean that has work overseas you will see what is real unfairness and no govt policies that will not protect you. I was working in US… In many movies you would learn that it is a country of freedom and opportunity.

Imagine working there for 7 days a week for the whole year, yet no overtime is paid. The MNCs have a way to bypass this law and avoid detection from the law.  A basic meal will cost u 15dollars and above.

Can you imagine working in Singapore where u can easily go to a food court or coffee for such a simple meal at 5dollars? Working 8 hours a day, entitled to overtime and having off days.


Many singaporeans are choosers, when your in other countries you don’t have a choice. Either you accept the fact you have to work like a slave or u complain and get fired. Even foreign construction workers that work in the sun and sweat like a pig are entitled to benefits of singapore labour law.

The question again… Are you sure you want to leave singapore?

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