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So i quit my job as a teller from one of the top banks in our country just a few months ago due to personal reasons or more like “career” reasons.


I just accepted the teller position because the HR decided to assign me to that position for reasons unknown. I was supposed to be a staff at another branch. Also, life’s tough.

I don’t like the teller position because it’s repetitive, risky and far from my economics and internship experience as a staff. Although the bank provided training, I was still unmotivated but I learned a lot. I had no choice but to accept hr’s offer or else I would be vacant again because life’s tough

Fast forward to deployment, January 6th 2019 was the first time I would experience telling and i had no idea what disaster awaited me lol.

I entered the building and this guard who seemed nice came up to me and told me that I should watch my back because most of the employees here are snobby. I think he was hinting that these people are unfriendly or they are not that open to new hires but whatever I just shrugged it off.


Then the service officer came in at 8 am , hurrying to the office to put on some make-up. She called me so I went inside the main room or what I call the office. She asked for my identification to verify my name and she didn’t even smile or have that welcoming aura. She came off impatient and kinda rude like no offense. All she asked was where did i come from. She the told me to sit down and wait.

As i was waiting, a group of people (bank employees) came in and me being the new employee, i decided to greet them. They just looked at me like ” whos this girl?” Which is totally understandable.

At 8:30 , the woman in a nice suit who was the manager, came in and greeted me with a warm smile. She then called all the bank employees to form a circle, including me. The manager asked me to introduce myself and after that, she then asked the other bank tellers to introduce themselves. Their greetings were not that welcoming and only a few smiled at me but i didn’t mind it.

I will admit that Im slow when it comes to counting money and because im very detail-oriented it would take me not more than 1 minute to check all the details on the database whether I typed them correctly or not. It also didn’t help me that my co-teller to the right had decided to hate my guts. She would tell me what i needed to know and of course i did listen but since i was adjusting to my new environment back then, it was an information overload and i had to review my old notes again related to my training. After a while i apologized to her although I was new.

After the shift, i was called upstairs by my officer to “interview” me if I know the functions of telling. I answered some of the questions right and i answered some of the questions wrong. She then asked me this question in which i misunderstood and answered wrongly again ( btw i answered it wrong 3 times). She shot me a dirty look and told me that she doesnt need my confidence and i was surprised of her childish attitude like was that even professional?


The next day, before i embarked on another adventure, the service officer called me again and she told me that ” only nice people are promoted in this office. I don’t like arrogant people”. I knew her accusations were pertaining to none other than me because we were only 2 people in her office.

Of course, I defended myself and who knew a slander would make her confront me but I don’t know if someone was making comments behind my back. She then told me that Kristine confessed to her yesterday and told her that i had this arrogant vibe where the hell did that come from??

I know I’m, not the one to act up, especially when im new to the environment. I felt so lonely and not to mention that I was also bullied because i did not live up to their standards. Most of my colleagues already had their own group so i was left out on my own

The culture and environment suck and after a few months, i decided to quit like i dont deserve this kind of toxicity.

And I just don’t get how most banks , especially when the hiring season comes, prioritize people who came from well-known universities or people with a perfect 4 GPA like it makes no sense. This is according to my friend who just quit her job from a bank.

She told me that it’s unfair to assign people , who do not have perfect scores or those who didnt come from prestigious universities,to teller positions . There are lots of entry-level positions not just teller positions

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