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Wednesday, December 7, 2022


I’m a rebound for my boyfriend ):


Okay so me and my boyfriend have been dating for 2 years now… he does treat me well and I guess I am quite a lucky girl but he’s quite controlling and toxic. To me it’s normal because it’s mainly just him wanting me all to himself. (Technically, I cannot have guy friends or talk to guys or whatever related to guys la so technically I lost some friends too but I also requested he do the same thing since it’s fair and no double standards mah).

Okok so what happened was I had a flashback to the past recently .. When we first started dating. I was 15 and he was 20.. He lied to me saying he was 17 cause he just couldn’t trust anyone yet. And at this point I didn’t even know he was still talking to his ex. (I cannot really explain the whole scenario to you guys but I’ll try my best.. )

The first week we hadn’t started dating so he was texting his ex while meeting me and his ex just basically wants him back and idk what did he say but I guess he misses her ?? I just felt like a two timer at that point of time and it went on for about 3 months and i guess I was very insecure.. that was how I felt la but I didn’t tell him about it cause at that point of time I was just 15… what was I supposed to say!!!

And today I saw his ig archive story and it was all about those douyin post and It was just about “ break ups “ and stuffs like as if he misses her a lot and wants her back in his life when I was already there. I already talked to him about this and he says “ ur not a rebound “ blahblahblah. Whatever a guy can say to make u feel better although I know it’s probably true that I was a rebound ..


When I saw it I just felt hurt .. deeply hurt by it and I have no one to rant to as I’ve distanced from all my friends. I loved him so much at that point of time, but turns out he was missing his ex and I feel so betrayed now. Btw we dated 2 weeks after I met him so that means ah I was aware he was talking to his ex!!! BUTTTTT He told me he was just trying to tell her to fk off from his life despite the fact that he could just block her but whatever I was blinded by love.

He was with me everyday from the day we started dating and usually he would go home and voice chat his ex and then ignore her but honestly when I think back. I don’t think he should have done that and made me feel like it was ok to be in a rs with a guy who cannot let go of his ex. Honestly I was insecure for so many months and I still hold on and till today I’m still holding on to the love I have for him and ya I guess i just cannot seem to forget the past..

idk man i m actually quite numb to this and when I saw those douyin post ah. I tell you. My love for him dropped and honestly u can tell it really dropped cause I felt quite betrayed. Why? Because it feels like I was a rebound for him to move on and to me I didn’t want that KIND OF RS TO START! Whatever thanks for hearing my rant and I hope you have a good day. A better day than mine ☺️

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