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My boyfriend has a picture frame of him and his ex displayed.


Me (23f) and him (23m) have been together almost 10 months. Im gonna be honest, it has been rocky. At the beginning, he kind of gave off the vibe that he isn’t over his ex. He told me im the second most beautiful girl. First being his ex. Listen, it hurt. We had a whole ass break up. Not over that, really. But i guess because he wouldn’t comunicate with me and whenever i would want to talk about stuff like this he would shut down and start all this “i know im the worst ever, you deserve better, just break up with me”. I told him thats manipulative, he got all offended over me calling him that and broke up with me

He later did some soul searching, we got back together, apologized to one another, things were great. He told me he had realized that im the one for him, he doesn’t care about her anymore. He wants to be with me. I thought, great! Thats all i wanted to hear.

Now we usually hang out and stay over a couple times a week at his place. I live with a roommate, he lives alone, so its just better that way. If we’re staying together when its a work day the next day, the set up is usually that he will leave about 2hrs before me and i will sleep in a bit and leave later as his place is closer to my work. On those kind of mornings i sometimes snoop around. He knows this well, he makes jokes about it, i have asked permission to do this. Idk if its snooping around his place, i will generally just look at stuff thats around his apartments 😀 Not every time, maybe like 3-4 times in the last 10 months. He will sometimes ask me “found anything interesting?”

So i don’t know how i haven’t noticed this before, but by his computer desk there’s this cabinet on the wall with glass doors. Its pretty small. The second cabinet is pretty much empty, theres one picture frame and just some knick knacks. Idk how i didn’t notice, but theres also another picture frame that has a paper towel covering it, so you can’t see whats in the picture. A couple of days ago i finally noticed it and inside it theres a picture of my bf with his ex gf. Its a very coupl-y photo, like i couldn’t even look at it for more then a second. Just made me uncomfortable.


Listen guys, i felt so sad. I thought that girl held no weight anymore in our relationship. He dated her like 2 years before me, only for like 8 months. We have been together longer. I know this was a petty and not mature thing to do, but i wrote “i will not be coming back until this is gone. <3” and signed my name on the tissue.

Anyways, that was 2 days ago. My boyfriend only today noticed it and texted me “i guess you won’t be coming here anymore”. And just, idk what to do. It seems so weird for me to have that. Its like he’s still in love with her. Hell, he told me he will probably never say “i love you” to me because that girl broke his hart that much and this just adds to my heartbreak. I don’t know if he is worth all this trouble. I know i love him. But im just not sure he loves me and it breaks my heart.

What do i do here?

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