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Investing money is using the money you earned on a potential gain or loss. There are several types of investment opportunities and many places for advice but getting one from a disco worker might not be the best choice.


A man shared how he met a girl in a Thai disco who claims that she is well-versed in the subject of investment but yet working in a disco to support her family, the statement is quite contradicting.

Story of the Investment Siam Diu Girl:

I met this girl in a siam diu sometime back before the restriction period started and She eventually went back to Thailand after the restrictions and worked in Bangkok as an AXA insurance agent.

We communicated in LINE and she often tells me she sells savings insurance and investment insurance to the locals.

Later on, She showed me her personal investment portfolios and they showed mostly gains. Her portfolio consists of a number of financial instruments from stocks, cryptocurrency trading and investment with her own insurance company.


Trip to Bangkok

I visited her in Bangkok soon after the borders re-opened and we met in a disco/club-like place for a drink.

While I was waiting for her in the disco, a girl approached me and said she is a student from a university and asked if she could sit with me. Soon after, the girl asked if I wanted any “special”.

I told her no as my friend is coming, I started to wonder why the siam bu wanted to meet at a location like this.

After my friend arrived, she pushed me to open up a trading account on XT.com to get started on some investments, she told me to buy some weird crypto currency that I have not heard of and said that if I lose the money she will pay me.

She said that it is a kind of investment yet savings at the same time.


I trusted her because of her strong investment portfolio and transferred $10,000 to my XT account and started buying the currency.

From Investment to “transaction”

Later she also asked If I wanted to go back to her place to “erhem” and she wanted 10,000 baht from me. I agreed as I was comfortable with her.

2 days later, the currency had a sharp fall and I lost over 90% of my investments. I immediately called her and she said that I should have sold it earlier. I told her it is only 2 days!

She said she sold the currency hours after we drank and made about $200.

She stopped responding and went MIA.

After contacting my friends back in SG, I realised that the place she work in was “freelancers” and the girl only wanted to make topics on investment to chat with me and her investment portfolio was probably not real.

I text her again after a few days and asked if she was working as a freelancer at the disco and she replied with a single word “ka”. That was the last message I got from her.

I returned to Singapore with my savings almost wiped out as I was clearly not making an informed investment decision and I was merely trusting the girl and thinking with my other head.

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