A simple reason why it is important to check your passport at the counter after chopping it is that in the land of the Boleh AKA Malaysia truly Asia. Have very ‘diligent’ custom officer that do not even check the print out on the chop. (this is not the first time)

In another words ‘anyhow anyhow’ chop passport.

A netizen encountered a Boleh custom officer


Thank you for all your support and shares.

I’ve been getting hate messages from our neighbors claiming that I added extra spices in my story to make them look bad and its my fault for this incident…

And they have alerted the relevant authorities to chase after me for posting this post and exposing their stamps, (which I’ve blurred).

Again, I would like to emphasise.

This is not a HATE post! This is to share as an awareness to others.

And advices are greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Very powerful lei, June go in, FEB KELUAR(EXIT)

Dear Friends,

This is just to create awareness to every Singaporeans who is going to JB especially during this period that Hari Raya is around the corner.

Yesterday me and my family had to go through the longest adventure in our life from 12am – 3am due to 1 immigration mistake.

All of our passport was choped with the wrong date by the JB Immigration officer. It was suppose to be 04 June 2018 but the officer chope it as 20th February 2018, which is almost 4 months backdated?? Can you imagine how many passports he choped that night??!! 🤨🤨

We realised the mistake right after leaving the counter’s gantry but due to the peak hours, we are unable to make a stop as we will cause a jam at the back and the constant honking of impatient drivers behind did not help. 😰😰

It took some time as we had to go through every pages to ensure that the chope we were looking for is not hidden on another page as we don’t want to assume the bad stuff.

We immediately informed Singapore ICA officer who scanned our passport, and was escorted by 2 officers to the ICA office where we waited for another 15 – 30 minutes for them to update us on the situation.

We were told that we had to go back to the JB immigration checkpoints again to get the date amended and our current entry to SG will be not be counted. 😪

Thus again, we were escorted by 2 police officer to go through a special road and re-directed to the JB Checkpoint.

We had to re-queue again at the JB checkpoint arrival and went to main office to get the stamp amended.

And thankfully, the main arrival officers on duty were friendly and helpful. 😊

We managed to get it amended and eventually get on our home to re-queue at Singapore checkpoint again.

This post is to create “AWARENESS” for Singaporean to check their passports.

And also to appeal to other drivers behind us to be slightly more patient, as sometimes when things like this happen, it will not only effect us but it will effect you as well since we are sharing the same immigration officer whom is chope-ing both mine and your passport. 😒

You never know, the person in front of you is doing you a favour by helping to save you from this unnecessary mistake. 😊😊

So lets be kind and considerate to one another. 🤗 🤗

Apparently, its also an offence in Malaysia if you did not take the responsibility to check your own passport chope which you are liable for a fine or jail once leaving the gantry.

So please check your passports!!


Source: https://www.facebook.com/angelic.siti/posts/10215859684386713

🔊 UPDATES 🔊Thank you for all your support and shares. I've been getting hate messages from our neighbours claiming…

Posted by Nabilah Belladonna on Sunday, June 3, 2018