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Saturday, December 10, 2022


So i met this singaporean guy he is 30+ years old, I am much younger and still in my early 20s. Honestly we connected so well and found out he have so many likeness in each other personality, hobbies and in terms of career and financial too, He is a CEO and i’m a business owner. So we talked for 10 days and he decided to visit me in my country (Yes, i’m a foreigner).


Our first meeting went really well, we talked about a lot of things as well as the progress of this relationship and we both agreed to take it to the next level slowly. And he was already planning to rent a place in my city to visit every weekend possible, I was happy with this but did not expect too much because i understand because of our line of work time is a little tight and i really don’t want to force anything.

The second time i told him it should be my turn visiting since he did it the first time so i went to sg to meet him and my friends there too, And the second date went really well too. After the second time we meet, the communication was still very strong although we were both busy with each other things, Then it comes to the time where he need to have a business trip overseas, He did tell me about the trip and explained that he will be much more busier and that was really fine with me i told him to text me whenever he got time.

During the trip, the communication to no surprise started to become lesser and it was fine for me because i was busy too. After he got back from the trip i thought we could go back to the same stage as it was before the trip, However it didn’t. Our text become much more lesser, There were days he didn’t replied to my last text for 3 days and so on but was active in other platform, It was really confusing for me since all the time we meet we had deep talk about our past relationship, our expectation to this relationship, boundaries, etc and he keep reassuring me that he’s not with me to play around and this give me the impression that he was keen on working things out.

I decided to address this issue with him and he told me that because of the sudden work load and the distance. I agreed that distance is a big problem and what was his view on this whether he still want to try and work things out or he knows he will not be able to do it, i tell him to help me understand what he want so i can respect his decision and not waste both of our time. Once again he assured me he still want to work things out, So here goes me betting on my chances again. However, some time went on and the communication did not improve at all, I tried making plans to visit over but it did not work out and despite his lack of response he is still active on other platform.


This situation is killing me, I have no problem if he told me he wanted to stop everything, I’ll gladly walk away than to force on things and i make this really clear with him the first time we talked. But on the other hand his reassurance keeps me in this stage of wanting to work things out as he is everything i wish in a partner for, I do not want to ghost or get ghosted so i prefer talking things directly.

Should i keep holding on or should i let it go.

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