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We bought a candy washer dryer ROW41066DWMCE80 on 17/12/2021 from Gain City and the machine was delivered to us on 17/05/2022, after our house was ready.


Since the delivery, we have used the machine for about 10 times. Thereafter, on 04 August 2022, the machine showed error 08 and we were informed by customer service that the motor broke down.

We contacted Candy’s customer service and the technician was arranged to come down on 05 Aug 2022.

According to the technician, the machine motor was faulty it had to be replaced but the parts were out of stock and we had to wait for an update.

Candy’s customer service contacted me on 10 Aug to inform me that the repairing of the machine had to be done at their workshop and thus, they needed to transport it for further servicing and the entire process will take 4-7 days to complete. We told the customer service that the machine has only been used less than 12 times and would like a 1-1 exchange instead.


However, candy’s support stated that they only do a 7-days exchanged policy from the date of purchase and they could only provide us with a loan set while my machine was being repaired at the workshop. We agreed to it and made arrangement for the spoilt machine to be transported back and delivery of the loan set together on 12 Aug 2022 , 9am-1pm. To make matters worse, the customer service informed me that they overlooked the schedule and technician will only able to come on 12 Aug 2pm-6pm.

We were unable to accommodate to their schedule and had to reschedule the session to 15 Aug 9am-1pm, 2 days later as the technicians do not work on weekends.

Then on 12 August 2022, candy’s support informed me that they received an update from the workshop stating that the machine can be repaired onsite instead and there is no need for them to transport the machine back to the workshop. Hence, they cancelled the removal and delivery of the loan set and did an onsite technician revisit on Monday, 15 Aug 2022, 9am-1pm.

On 15 Aug 2022, technician came down at 9.30am. The motor was replaced and a test run was done with no significant issue. However, at 10pm that night while using the machine, it showed the same issue again (error E08 and loud noises).

As it was late at night, I dropped them a message and followed up with them the next day, 16 Aug 2022. I called in at 9am as nobody attended to me through WhatsApp. Jascha attended to me through the phone, I explained to Jascha that I needed this issue to be attended to as soon as possible as I have been without a functioning washing machine since 04 Aug 2022. I then requested to have a 1-1 exchange again as it is ridiculous for a new washing machine to be spoilt twice in less than 3 months, and the 2nd time on the same day it was being repaired.


However, Jascha strictly stated the policy again and was not able to give me any appointment for the technician to attend to my machine’s issue till 4 days later. They then arranged for the technician to come and collect the machine to the workshop while giving me a loan set (washer only).

Repair was stated to be done 5-7 days. With no updates from the team, I had to regularly message them for updates. On the 7th day of the repair, they told me that my machine is still under going through checking and repair and will inform us immediately once it is ready to be returned. I then asked for a timeline such as how long more do I have to wait which they left me on read till the next day where I have to prompt again.

On the 8th day of the repair, with no updates on how long the repair will take… they told me that they are pending for an update from the workshop. There was no update for another 7 days. I messaged them on 05 Sep to ask for an update which they replied that my machine needs replacement of PCB and control panel PCB. The parts were out of stock and they are waiting for the arrival of it which is expected to be next week. However, when I clarified if my machine will take another 1-2 weeks to be repaired on 07 Sep. They replied that my machine has already been repaired , 17 days after my machine was taken to the workshop and will be arranged to be delivered on 08 Sep 9am-1pm.

I used the machine on 11 Sep and had the same error code again. Till present, the machine had consistently broke down 3 times.

I believe I deserve to get either 1-1 exchange or a refund ?

Anyway, I have lost trust and confident with this brand and will not recommend anyone to support this brand.

Please think twice before buying.

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