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Alamak, Singapore ranked most expensive city to live in again

(Credits:  the economist intelligence unit)Local news - For the 3rd year in a row, Singapore is ranked the most expensive to live in with Paris and Oslo trailing close behind.The survey compares the cost of more than 160 services...

Robot Meow Meow coming to Singapore Theme Park

(Credits: robotkittytw)Local meow meow news - Hello Kitty is coming to our little sunny island not in the form of fur but in the form of a robot. Truly amazing how he has evolved over the years.From the 10th of...

Price war for mobile space as 4th Telecom launch a new add on data plan

Price war for mobile space as 4th Telecom launch a new add on data planLocal News - With the new 4th Singapore local telecom MyRepublic became the first to launched Singapore and South Asia's first 1Gbps Fibre Broadband plan under S$50 had...

IT Fair 2016 Is HERE! aka as credit card fair..

IT fair 2016 is here many brands are there some not IT also there. Go in 5mins people ask you sign credit card haiz. Thankfully we most of the occupants sell IT.The IT Fair will be here from 10-March-2016...

SIA promotion!

Singapore Airlines currently have a promotion on flights to many countries. Don't miss out on the offer if you love travelling and a good way to collect some Krisflyer Miles.Promotion link --> http://www.singaporeair.com/en_UK/special-offers/flight-from-Singapore/

Price Of Current COE

Local News -The Rise Of COE after COE low price in feb,this has jack up demand for car buyers1600CC car +S$2000 compared to feb 1,600cc above or 130bhp =$3000Larger vehicals +$3000Commercial vehicle +$3900Motorcycle +$150COE prices will plumet further as there...

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