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Major Acident At Geylang Lorong 15 (Video)

Major accident at geylang lorong 15. Taxi and car crash blocking half the road traffic last night and resulted in a minor jam.Unclear if anyone died during this accident.Remebmer buy life and health insurance. You never know who is...

Fat Female Robber Barely Have Enough Stamina To Break Glass

Sorry guys i have to share this and hope you guys enjoy a good laugh.Watch This Video And Laugh Till U Die. Worse Robber In History

Couple’s HDB Have So Much Garbage That They Have To Climb In To Reach Living Room

A old couple at woodlands blk 603 has so much garbage that they had to climb just to get in the living room. It is reported that town council has came once some time back to force and remove...

Drunk Men Fight At Changi Village

Late at night a few drunk men started fighting and throwing beer bottles. Watch the video! Maybe they fighting over ah gua. hahahha

Bodoh SG boy run across the road and knock down by car (Video)

An classic example of a bodoh boy that disregard safety in the above video.Teacher taught you to look left, look right and look left again. BODOH PLEASE LOOK AT THE ROAD BEFORE CROSSING LA!!

Singapore Airlines Plane On Fire At Changi Airport During Emergency Landing

Video just in!!! Singapore airline plane on fire!!!

Woman angrily ‘explodes’ at deaf and mute cleaner, Tell Cleaner To Be Beggar

A female diner went angry and berserk at a handicapped worker.The worker accidently clear her table by mistake. After discovering that the cleaner is deaf and mute. The woman sharted shouting he should go die go and should not...

Kids Climb 2,600-High Clift To Attend School

Situated in southwestern China, the 200-year-old town of Atule'er is known as a bluff town, and in light of current circumstances. It is on top of a 2,624-foot-tall crest. The populace is little and comprises of around 70 families....

Amos Yee Get Beaten Up Part 2(Video)

Amos Yee beaten Up Part 2. An ang moh try to stop the gangster but the ah beng dont want to stop. His ah lian girl friend watch them fight.

Chinese Detergent Racist Commercial(video)

China firm apologizes for detergent commercial

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