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Caught between difficult mother and husband


This mother’s day, I planned to bring my mum to eat Chinese food. But she is very picky and on occasion has been known to complain about the food.

(Brought her to eat Chinese food for her birthday last year and she hated it, didn’t eat, directly complained)

So on mother’s day, my husband said that I should bring her to eat familiar Indonesian food, instead of Chinese. He also said that Indonesian cuisine is something that he can bring his own mother and grandmother along for. I also decided to bring my aunt to eat on mother’s day.

When my mum that we would be going to eat Indonesian food, she was not happy.


She complained that she didn’t like the cuisine and she was not happy that I was bringing my aunt along as my aunt would “make a fool out of herself”. As a result she says she doesn’t want to come for the mother’s day dinner.

She even tried saying “oh I don’t feel like eating Indonesian food” as an excuse to not come because she didn’t like the restaurant or company.

I feel so disappointed and upset. If I change to Chinese food, she still won’t be happy. I considered giving in and actually taking her for Chinese but that would mean the rest go with my husband. Not fair to do that to them also right?

Advice please? It is mother’s day and I am trying to please all but I don’t know if I should prioritize my mother at the cost of the rest. Also my aunt is a single mother, her kids neglect her. She was originally working on Mother’s day but I asked her to take leave so I can bring her out. Yes she may be chatty but I don’t see an issue like my mum does.

SIGH. So resigned honestly.


Here are what netizens think:

  • Give them each a happy meal and tell them bye bye
  • Is Mother’s Day and your mother want full attention (she sound like she want to be a princess ) instead of bringing your aunt who has her own children.Sit down with her,tell her your view,ask her what she wants and listen to her.Don’t assume she like surprisesRemember is her day so don’t please other people but her.
  • I wonder why you are the one who decide what and where to eat. Why don’t you ask your mum what and where she want to go to celebrate?And do you really have to gather everyone on the same day? I think it’s just so it’s convenient for you, not them.So here is what I suggest: Ask your mum to decide. If you proritize her, bring her to where she wants to eat on MD. (anyway if she decide, she cannot complain)As for the rest, you can bring them to eat Indo crusine at an earlier or later date.The day is not important. The 心意 is more important.
  • if your mum wants to be difficult and act like a superstar, just leave her alone at home. stop condoning her actions.
  • Maybe can split into 2 diff days? Or ask her what kimd of food she wants, if she says anything but yet complain every single thing then might as well stay at home and just buy a cake and kfc chicken in a basket
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