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Life at the chicken shop isn’t always so gloomy and dark. In fact, life as a chicken rice shop worker was quite rosy in the past.

Chicken shop workers were given good free snacks and drinks during their shift. If they have to stay back to slaughter more chickens or whip some good chicken rice, a good variety of dinner options were available for all chicken rice workers. Damned, even the Farmhouse Dark Chocolate Milk was readily available to fuel the chicken shop workers. All these benefits were given to ensure that chicken rice experts can focus their time on creating better chicken rice! Because end of the day, opportunity cost for fat chicken rice workers to hunt for their food is just too high compared to feeding for free.

Even when the pandemic was roaring away, chicken rice workers were able to have work from decentralized kitchens without compromising on work productivity! Chicken rice workers were able to rear and slaughter chicken from their houses and finally send those chicken to other decentralized kitchen to cook them without compromising on the food quality! In fact, revenue from the chicken rice shop increases quarter to quarter when most chicken rice workers are working in decentralized chicken rice facilities.


These great benefits attracted chicken rice connoisseurs from far away lands. Aspiring chicken rice workers travel across the seas, braving strong waves and currents, to reach the legendary chicken rice shop. Some of them even brought along their dogs and wives. Others trained long and hard in random forests that are filled with red and black trees in order to gain the secret power to make great chicken rice. Making great chicken rice was the only goal in their lives.

Armed with a pool of chicken rice talents, the chicken rice shop started to expand rapidly across continents.. The bosses of the chicken rice shops even set up shops in countries where eating steaks is more popular than chicken rice. They felt that with a strong chicken rice dance and cheer, the chicken god will be appeased. The chicken god will cast a spell on the steak-eating people to start eating chicken rice.

To further support business expansion, teams were created to auto-translate chicken rice menus in different languages! Different chicken rice teams also started to spend lots of money in order to achieve business growth. One team even started to create artificial cloud to create magical rain in order to irrigate the rice fields that fed the chickens! If you think that these sounds lunatic, some teams are even create to combust cash to cook the chicken!

Alas, when top chicken rice investors started to pull out funds to invest in other more stable shops (such as the cai fan shop), some of the teams have to be removed to make the business leaner.

Together with their owners, dogs were sent back across the sea. Some of the chicken rice vocational institutes students were gotten offers to chop chickens were suddenly out of job. Shops in countries where eating steaks is more popular had to be closed down. Making artificial cloud that irrigate the field for the chicken is no longer a priority.


Snacks and drinks were cut down. Chicken rice shop workers have to go out to buy their own meals for the 1st time, causing confusion among the workers who are too used to getting fed automatically. Navigating the real world after years of fattening up was a challenge for most chicken rice workers.

A big shareholder of the chicken rice shop (who happen to be in the steel and forestry business) also ordered all their workers to gather back in the central facility to make chicken rice as it was deemed more efficient to have everyone communicating with one another.

All the pampered and self-entitled chicken rice shop workers were shocked at these measures. Many question were raised in the chicken rice quarterly town hall.

To be continued….

Part 1

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