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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

PRC SELL Daughter To Buy New Iphone

China couple sell kidsThe craze for an iphone is really over-hyped in China. It is not just a phone it is a fashion statement a sign of power and richness. But mainly pride, If your friends own an Iphone and you’re the only one left out. You will seen as a person of lower status and a loser.


Not one but two of ┬áthe parents decided to sell off their 18 day old little girl for the sake of an Iphone and a motorbike. What kind of parents do not love their children….? Apparently this two…

Many asian cultures and traditional are too deeply estranged by tradition and so call “face”(pride of oneselves of family). The couple simply do not want to lose “face” and lose out in terms of social status. This is just one of the terrible examples. As common it is to get an Iphone through prostitution and theft.

To all china readers out there. It is just a phone that will not last you for long. This short term “face” and pride will only last for 9 months till the next Iphone comes out. As a humble parent, please love your children, there are more things in life than material addiction. Do not shame yourself or your family by doing the unthinkable for a device. I urge all readers to think the same as me.


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