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PRC has done it again. Shi*ing at Serangoon MRT


12803990_10153481489187666_1811703137_nA woman believed to be in her mid 30s was caught doing big business at Serangoon MRT area. Looks like near the taxi stand area. The Woman is believed to be having a very spicy szechuan meal last night that she have to resort to doing this.  Some might say “no la same as my sparky, marking territory only lei”.  The woman shit till so song, still looks like can text on the phone. Wa lan eh.  This photo demonstrates that we are “lucky” that there are only so “few” foreigners in Singapore that is taking a dump at such a crowded area.

Public bystanders did not seem to give a SH*T. No Pun Intended. LMFAO. Singapore is a country that welcome visitors. But at the same time when a guest comes into your home we expect a minimal proper human respect to be shown. I will never let a guest that comes into my living room and take dump. Sibei sak ki lei still can SMS.

We do not know if she finish her business in peace or got security come. But the fact that the photo has appeared means… This people are somewhere lurking in the darkness and waiting to SH*T at your door-step when your not looking.

God Bless This Woman, Hope She Enjoy Her Time In Singapore Fertilising Our Motherland.