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China’s Rich kid Spends $500,000 At Club In A Night

'China's richest son' spends $521k in one night at Beijing KTV‘China’s wealthiest child’ has all the earmarks of being up to his standard shenanigans in the wake of getting spotted at a Beijing KTV as of late, spending more cash in a solitary night than numerous will find in their whole lives.


Six receipts from Wang Sicong’s probably epic night on the town have been distributed on the web. Five of the bills are for 200,000 RMB (SGD$41,681), while the 6th is for 1.5 million RMB (SGD$312,607), which means he figured out how to spend a fabulous aggregate of 2.5 million RMB (SGD$521,000).

This is very more than his last exposed night out where he spent only 200,000 RMB on Halloween night at a Sanlitun club.

This may be on the grounds that his dad, Wang Jianlin, China’s wealthiest man, is justified regardless of a hell of parcel more than he used to be.

The Wanda CEO as of late saw his fortune hop up by more than half to $34.4 billion.


He’s likewise been tossing his cash around, purchasing a £80 million property on London’s very rich person line and in addition a Hollywood Film Studio.

However, as an acclaimed “karaoke ruler” himself, we can accept that Wang approves of how his child blows his cash.

Wang Sicong has ended up notorious in China for the incredible courses in which he spends his dad’s fortune.

Last May, he insulted netizens by presenting pictures on his pooch’s Weibo record of the creature brandishing no under two Apple watches worth 126,000 RMB piece.

Prior that year, he employed out a whole resort in Sanya to praise his birthday, and even overdid it on welcoming T-ara, one of his main 5 most loved Korean young lady groups, to put on a private gig for him and his visitors.


He’s additionally the glad proprietor of a £50 million private value firm concentrating on PC gaming and was one of the groomsmen at Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming’s fable wedding held in Shanghai a year ago.

Netizens have responded to this most recent going through spree with a well known blend of amazement and pessimism:


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