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Police NSF Caught For Peeping Woman In Shower

Untitled-64A full-time police national serviceman was imprisoned for nine months on Thursday (March 17) for taking photographs of the exposed body of a lady cop in the shower and erasing six photographs of females in the shower in an offer to conceal his wrongdoing.


Abdul Qayyum Mohd Hashim, 20, who confronted 11 charges, including criminal trespass and robbery of a brassiere, admitted to three charges.

While on night obligation on Jan 26 a year ago at Tanglin police divisional base camp as a station security officer, he requested that an associate cover his obligations as he needed to diminish himself. He had seen from the shut circuit TV footage the lady entering the female locker room close to the latrine.

He needed to get an opportunity to identify with the casualty as he was keen on her.

He saw the 21-year-old leaving the locker room with a towel, cleanser and some dress and chose to take photos of her showering.


Representative Public Prosecutor Kelly Ho said Qayyum entered the can and grasped his Samsung Galaxy S3 cellular telephone to take photos of the casualty showering.

When he heard a few sounds which demonstrated that she was going to complete the process of showering, he set away his telephone, got her bra and place it into his pocket. He then left the latrine and put the bra in his pack in the male locker room.

The lady made a police report when she discovered her bra missing.

After three days, his better let him know than stay back in the room after an instructions.

Qayyum thought that it was suspicious and erased six photographs he had taken of three female cops who were showering naked. He did this in an offer to cover the proof of his wrongdoing.


Prior, on Jan 22 a year ago, Qayyum happened to be in the station latrine when he heard hints of somebody showering. He chose to enter the female can to take photographs of a female officer showering.

Raising his telephone over the highest point of the desk area, he could see the 21-year-old’s uncovered body and took three photos of her back.

The court heard that he saw them in any event twice in that week and performed a revolting demonstration once when seeing the photos.

Qayyum, who had eight different charges mulled over, argued for mercy. He said he lamented conferring the offenses and requested an opportunity to change.

Locale Judge Lim Keng Yeow said there were various exasperating components and a correctional facility term was essential.

Qayyum could have been imprisoned for up to one year and fined for offending the unobtrusiveness of a lady. For debasing the course of equity, he could have been imprisoned for up to seven years and fined.

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