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Tuesday, September 27, 2022


Two Saturdays ago, my girlfriend and I were on leave. When the rain stopped, we decided to resume our original plan of visiting a few farms in the Kranji Area which our friends recommended.


We took a grab there and had a good time exploring the area. Our last stop was Bollywood Veggies where we had lunch at 2 pm. We were treated to a nice lunch platter of locally grown produce, spent a good few hours exploring the farm and finding out about the rich history of the place.

By then it was about 5 pm and the staff closed the gates. We were due for dinner with her parents back home at Bishan by 630 so all in good time.

We took out our phones and called for a grab. Ten minutes passed and no grab. “No worries let’s try Gojek” I said. My gf opened Gojek while I waited concurrently with my Grab app opened. Another ten minutes passed and still nothing.

Reluctantly we opened the Comfort Delgro app and hailed a cab at 33 bucks for the ride. We waited and waited…and still nothing! 30 min had passed.


I reasoned to my girlfriend that our best bet was to walk out to Lim Chu Kang Road and to try to either get a cab or bus. Worst case scenario being having to wait 45-50 min for a bus to CCK MRT, and then grabbing back from there. The entire journey would take us about 2 hours including the walk out. My girlfriend was upset but we had no other options.

We started walking along the main road. We passed a few farms, often having to jump out of the way of frustrated trucks coming behind us as there wasn’t pedestrian pavement. By this time, it was 6 pm and we were three quarters in with LCK Rd about 15 min away.

I told my gf to text her parents and apologise profusely that we would be extremely late. They better eat first – No way we could get back to have dinner with them.

As she was texting, I pulled her back onto the grass hearing an oncoming car from our backs. I saw a grey Toyota slow down considerately and waved him along with a smile. To my great surprise, he pulled up alongside us and the driver shouted “do you want a lift out!”

I was overjoyed. I shouted yes please and both of us hopped into the car. We started conversation and it turned out that Daryl (I didn’t get his name) worked in an ornamental fish farm with the office located at Kaki Bukit.


Of all days, Daryl was told by his boss to go check on inventory at the farm, which wasn’t even in his job scope! We had a Long and friendly chat about family, work, his children and Reservice.

Daryl apologised that he couldn’t bring us nearer home but asked if we were ok if he dropped us off at Jurong MRT. We told him that he could drop us anywhere he wanted.

When we reached Jurong MRT, I asked for his name and number so I could thank him properly. He said “no worries it’s a small thing, Glad I was there to help”. We took a grab back and managed to reach home by 635 pm in time for dinner with her parents.

Bro if you’re reading this, I never got your name and number but I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks. You saved me from an embarrassing situation and we managed to make it for dinner with her parents.

We could have been stuck at a bus stop in the pouring rain along Lim Chu Kang Rd had you not come. My girlfriend was especially moved because like most Singaporeans, you could have moved along and carried on your merry way.

Instead, you invited two strangers into your car and made a detour at your expense and time. Hope you made it in time for dinner with your family. We are extremely grateful for your selflessness and hope that others will emulate your spirit and example! Hope I can repay you in a small way if we ever cross paths again!

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