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A lady shared a story on when someone came to her wedding and put only newspapers inside the red packet given to them and laments at how stingy can come people be.


Here is the story

“I had my wedding reception a few months back and we invited only invited family, relatives, some close friends and colleagues to the reception and the banquet due to the limitations brought to us by the pandemic.

We had wanted to share our joy with people who have been with us for the longest time and whom we deem as close to us.

The day went pretty well and very soon it was time for my husband and I to rest after a long and tiring day.

The next day, we were checking out all the ang bao blessings that we have received and noticed that there was one ang bao which was thicker than the rest.


Thinking that the person who gave us this was so generous, we excitedly opened up to see how much was inside.

Before I continue I would like to say that per table at our wedding was about 170 plus per pax and even so, we did not mind if we received lesser than that as all our guests were deemed by us as somewhat closer to us.

So we opened up the ang bao and to our horror, we took out a bunch of newspaper cuttings cut to the size of about a $50 dollar note and there were a bunch of it together, which explains why the ang bao looked thicker than usual.

We could not figure out who would have done this as there were quite a few ang baos without any names written on it and even so, those were filled with cash even though they might not be up to the price per pax.

This got me thinking on how stingy some people can be and furthermore they are closer to my husband and I.


I understand that everyone is fighting hard to survive in the pandemic and some might be tighter with their money but even if the person puts just a $2 note, we would still have accepted it and not blame them.

I thought of a plan to avenge myself if I found out who that person was but I don’t think I will be that heartless to do so.

The plan was either to do the same back to the person if he or she gets married in future or when their kids get married I would do the same.

The worst thing that I thought of was giving them back the same thing at their funeral.”

Image source: Unsplash.com

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