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A netizen shared a story about how she had a guy friend who liked her for about 5 years and he recently asked her out, lying to his girlfriend about it.


He also made inappropriate comments about her body and hints at being in a relationship with her when he is already attached.

Their friends also noticed that the guy’s girlfriend looks like her.

Here is the story:

“Need to rant. My friend who used to like me (one-sided) for 5+ years recently asked me out for lunch one on one (again). I ghosted him. We know each other for 13 years since JC and are somewhat close friends. He’s currently attached.

Before our previous meetings in the past (we only meet once every 1 or 2 years), I suggested that our other friends could join us but he refused. So, we ended up meeting one on one.


In our first few meetings, he brought up the times when he used to like me and said things like “if this/that didn’t happen, we could’ve ended up together”.

“You have the nicest body”

He also made comments about my body “you are _ cup right? Your future husband is gonna be so lucky” or “you have the nicest body among our friends”.

He’s already attached at that time. Idk if he said these because we are kinda close but I was freaking uncomfortable with that and told him to stop.

What’s more, I thought he told his girlfriend that he was meeting me. But it turned out that he didn’t. I knew because he suddenly got a call from his girlfriend AND he decided to not pick it up the first time, which I thought was something really weird and inappropriate to do to your partners.

After a while, his girlfriend called again. He asked me to keep quiet while he talked to her on the phone?!?! Felt like a freaking third party. That was when I told myself I shouldn’t meet him individually ever again.


Another time he asked to meet again (with another friend), I agreed. We had lunch and walked around. The other friend went to the toilet, leaving me and him.

And guess what? We saw his girlfriend, who was surprised to see him because he didn’t tell her that he went out with us.

Honestly, I don’t even know if the girlfriend knows about me or not. Do guys tell their GFs about their female friends? Honest question because I really don’t know anymore.

Because of all these actions of his, I can’t help but feel like a third party.

Didn’t want to meet him anymore

From then on I kept coming up with excuses to not meet him and kept my distance from him. Also didn’t attend his birthday party, didn’t wish him (which he told me that he was disappointed LOL).

Also, when we were gonna part ways he’d always want a hug. It’s not those quick friendship hugs, but hugs that last for like 5 seconds? IMO I don’t think this is normal, not to mention that he has a girlfriend. Because I don’t want all these to happen between my future bf and the girl he used to like.

Frankly speaking, I don’t feel comfortable meeting him one on one anymore. The fact that our JC friends also said that his girlfriend “looks like me” and that “he’s only together with her to replace me” ain’t helping the situation.

They even asked how I felt about him having a girlfriend after liking me for so long. I mean, what the heck were they expecting me to say, giving such absurd comments.

Recently he asked to meet again and I ignored his messages. Every time when I’m online on WhatsApp I can’t help but be worried that he would see me online lol.

Should I just tell him that we should maintain a distance and not meet individually because of the above reasons? Or am I just being overly paranoid?


I honestly don’t know what guys think but as a girl, or if you were to put yourself in my shoes, when:

– a guy friend doesn’t tell his GF that he’s meeting you

– asks you to shut up when he talks to his GF over the phone

– makes inappropriate comments about you

– mentions the possibility of an rs with you when he himself is attached …

I think it’s really inappropriate and disrespectful to his GF and me??? I’d really appreciate your opinions please.”

Editor’s note: You’re doing the right thing, the guy sounds like he’s off the hinges.

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