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Devoted Taoist Complain Deity Photo In Sex Forum. Devoted Then Why U Here?

can-post-deity-picture-in-sex-forum_1A sex forum is always a sex forum. But i come across sammyboysexforum in the batam thread someone putting pic of deities. The worst part is that the MOD even agree and approve that it is small case and no need to delete the pic. He full support the one who put in the deities pic.

As a devoted taoist person. I really felt offended and another worst part is that the MOD tell me that i can chose not to log in and not felt offended.How can a MOD give me this reply although i believe he also know that the picture thingy is a disrespect to the deities.

Let me make an example. If you go to a religion forum and you post naked girl picture there. What will happen? Sure will kena fcuk upside down hard hard right? Now you go to a sex forum and you post deities picture in the forum. What will happen? Now nothing happen and the MOD even support it. The world is getting crazy day by day with this kind of people around.

The true fact is either way when you post a naked picture in a religion forum and post a deities in a sex forum. Both are showing disrespect to the deities. Do you all agree?

Finally my advise for them to delete the picture is like playing piano to a cow. MOD finally delete my post using all sort of excuse. So those who read this. Am i right to tell them to delete those deities picture in the sex forum? Thanks.

A devoted taoist has posted online about his unpleasent experience seeing deities photo in sex forums.. Devoted then why u at such forums?

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