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Disabled man jailed -Touch 5Year Old Little Girl

2000px-MUTCD_D9-6.svg[1]A petrol pump orderly with a low scholarly inability was imprisoned for 15 months on Thursday for attacking a five-year-old young lady under his sister’s consideration.


Mohamad Awang, 45, had confessed to rubbing the young lady’s genitals at a Sengkang level on June 2 a year ago ,with a second comparative charge contemplated.

A Community Court heard that Mohamad’s sister, a housewife, likewise filled in as a sitter to acquire additional cash.

The casualty’s mom drew in the administrations of Mohamad’s sister to keep an eye on two youngsters in mid 2012 amid her working hours.

On June 2 a year ago, the sitter left the consideration of the young lady and her sibling to her girl when she exited home with her mom to visit her most youthful sibling.


After lunch, Mohamad, his niece and the two youngsters sat in front of the TV in the lounge. His niece nodded off.

In a matter of seconds, he felt the desire to touch the casualty. So he went into his room, sat on the quaint little inn the casualty in.

He then requesting that her sit close to him before rubbing her.

After around 10 minutes, Mohamad’s niece woke up and understood that the casualty was not in the family room. She got out for the young lady, who quickly came up short on the room.

The niece discovered what had happened.


After the episode, the casualty’s mom saw a checked change in her conduct. Typically very much acted, the young lady began to have fits and demonstrated an abnormal state of uneasiness. The casualty likewise began to pig out.

The casualty’s mom reported the matter to the police.

The indictment looked for a sentence of no less than 12 months with no caning, saying Mohamad had mishandled a type of trust and certainty, and that the interruption was on the powerless casualty’s reproductive organs.

Mohamad could have been imprisoned for up to five years, fined, caned or got any joined discipline for attacking a man under 14 years old.

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