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A netizen shared a story about how his wife was allegedly insulted and refused treatment by a doctor from a family clinic.


He shared his wife did her Covid-19 vaccination at a clinic and experienced some side effects.

The couple then asked for the doctor to include it in his report and the doctor allegedly dismissed their claims and said that it was impossible for there to be such a side effect.

The doctor allegedly said: “I will not write such a report because this side effect has never been reported before. I will not report it and ruin my own reputation”.

Here is the full story:


“Doctor insulted patient and refused further treatment after report of rare side-effect post vaccination. *name withheld*. Share:

My wife did her Covid-19 vaccination at *name withheld* Medical Clinic (second dose). And experienced a hitherto unreported side effect; pain inside the eyeball and blurred vision. We were worried about the condition and went to this clinic, where she did the vaccination.

We requested for the doctor to include in his report that my wife experienced this side effect after vaccination and we were summarily dismissed. He said that it was not possible for there to be such a side effect.

His words were: “I will not write such a report because this side effect has never been reported before. I will not report it and ruin my own reputation”.

Since the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, 11 days ago on 16 August 2021, there were four occasions when my wife felt dizzy and had clouded vision (rainbow colours). Yesterday (26/07/21) her eyes hurt so bad she could not fall asleep and was tearing up incessantly. Her eyes are constantly dry.


We have waited nearly 2 weeks to see if it would get better but it hasn’t. It only got worse, and that is why we decided to see doctor *name withheld*. I am reporting only about what we experienced after the vaccine, and only requested for him to report our experience. But we were treated like scammers. “I will not report it and ruin my own reputation.

”I was very offended by this remark and replied, “I see that your reputation is more important to you than your patients”.

Doctor *name withheld* got worked up after that and asked us to leave the clinic. His next remark was even more offensive : “when you go to a restaurant you have to pay for what you eat, likewise for your medical expenses.”

I need some help here. Isn’t it our duty to report any side effects after the vaccine? Covid-19 has only been around for 2 years not 20, how is it not possible to have any rare side effects? It might be rare, but that does not make it impossible. So is this doctor’s reputation more important than expanding our common body of knowledge against this virus?

It offends me that this doctor not merely suggests it, but decides in his opinion that we are.

This doctor refused to do anything after a patient comes back with serious complications post-treatment. Doctors have to go through many years of education, so that we may trust their judgment and ethics, isn’t that why we trust them for their advice and guidance?

Even restaurants have to take responsibility if their customers suffer from food poisoning after eating there. A restaurant cannot simply dismiss its customers by saying that they follow all safety standards and so there is no way such a thing could happen. There would at least be an investigation, should we not expect even more from a medical clinic?

Doctor *name withheld* has a temper, and refused to give us further treatment; he told his staff to write off our consultation fees and told us to leave. Unfortunately this is not a matter that can be concluded by chasing patients away and not charging them. His rationale was that he doesn’t have to do anything for us as I was visibly unhappy. It is funny, how does he expect me to be happy when he insulted us by labelling us “diners who won’t pay”?

Doctor *name withheld* needs to remember that his is a clinic, not a restaurant. He displayed no medical responsibility whatsoever. Shame on him and shame on the institutions that awarded his medical degree.

We did not ask for much in the first place, just for him to report our symptoms as we experienced according to the timeline. We did not expected to be insulted and shown the door when we expressed displeasure at being summarily dismissed by his hasty opinion.


Our main priority now is to get the proper checkups done in any event, we are worried more about her vision than his reputation. And will incur the additional medical expenses; regardless of whether *name withheld* Medical Clinic will report it, we will report it. This clinic is where my wife got her vaccination, and we will submit a report to the SMC. I am not out to ruin his reputation but I am not able to keep silent about this matter.

Don Yap

27 August 2021″

Images source: Don Yap Facebook

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