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Saturday, February 4, 2023


Sent my 24 hours notice after company lowballed me.


Few months ago my company asked me to take corporate photos for their database, and to be used on their website and company profile. They asked me cause they know I’m a photographer outside of office hours.

I clearly told them to discuss the price with me and all they said was “We’re pretty rushing to get this done. We’ll discuss the price later”. So fine, I complied.

I brought my own equipment (DSLR, lenses, tripod, etc) and took their corporate photos. From corporate portraiture, to outdoor site photos. I had to edit all of the photos via Lightroom and Photoshop. They say to use my own creativity and so I did. So I had to research on the kind of edits and preset suitable for the company.

I had about 18 sessions. So the editing took me longer to get it right and they pushed me to rush it but make it nice. I spent nearly 3 weeks editing about 600+ photos , one by one.


Months passed and none of them came forward to discuss the price with me. And so today, I put on my invoice. Per session I charged about 100 SGD x 18 sessions = 1800 SGD. That’s considerably very very cheap for corporate shots for each sessions. I normally put higher for corporate shots. Also, I told them I’m up for negotiation.

And you know what they gave me after a week receiving that invoice? A token of 30 SGD, with a note that says “Thank you for your hardwork”.

I’ve worked in this company for 3 years. Never taken MC, almost always OT, gave up on my time to finish up the work they all left to me, even worked during my vacation. I’ve been so patient with the company’s unfair treatment and rulings. Probably cause it didn’t affect me too much. But..this is the line. 30 SGD for all the photos I’ve taken.

It’s my equipments.

It’s my skills.


It’s my time.

And all that cost 30 SGD for all 18 sessions. None of them came forward for negotiation and they decided all of those work I did is just worth 30 SGD. I got paid 150 SGD for a whole day simple wedding and this company didn’t bothered to pay me 100 SGD for 1 session.

I didn’t take the 30 SGD. I told them that I rather my work got stolen, at least it shows that my work is that valuable that it was stolen. I’m not gonna take such insult of 30 SGD. That’s just a spit to my face.

Put my 24 hours immediately. Left the building immediately. I deleted all the photos from the company’s server.

Now, I’m free from the toxic company. They tried to talk to me into staying cause I’m one of their best employees. I refused. I will never trust the “do first talk later” again. I learnt my lesson.

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