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Famous Top 5 Singapore Foods

Famous Local Foods of Singapore

Singapore is quite famous in the matter of servicing delicious and simply mouth watering local foods. This place is a favorite of many and for several food lovers across the globe. There are several dishes in Singapore that are prepared with great care and served in an absolutely delicious manner. Here is the list containing some of the mouth watering delicacies of Singapore. This one goes out for all the foodies, do take note!



ENGSWanton Mee(noodles with meat dumplings)

The Singapore timeless version of the very famous Wanton noodles is eaten dry with some light sweet sauce and pork char siew slices. It also contains delicious wanton dumplings filled with pork and a bowl of soup by the side. The wanton dumplings are either deep fried or they come in soup dumplings.


DSC040001Fried Carrot Cake

The fried carrot cake is a teochew dish that is quite famous in Singapore as well as in Malaysia. This delicious dish has got several versions. It consists of a black version which s added with a sweet sauce called molasses.


Dim Sum

This is yet another famous dish of Singapore that is being appreciated always. Popular dim sum dishes consist of Siew Mai, Chee Chong Fun and many more.


e6cc6fa0aadff964f17fb9a5967b3f73Kaya Toast and Soft Boiled Egg

The Kaya toast is the one and only famous Singaporean breakfast. This is really an awesome dish with soft boiled eggs This one tastes great and it is alos quite good for health. When you are in Singapore, do consider trying out this delicious dish and if you are health concern then this food might prove to be an appropriate one for sure.



tunglok-chilli-crabCrabs (Chili/Pepper)

Crabs are definitely wonderful delicious foods for almost all food lovers and this really is a delicacy in Singapore as well. The Chili crabs of Singapore are generally eaten along with fried mantons dipped in mouth watering chili sauce. This particular food is a real tasty one and is often admired for great taste it offers to all the foodies.



This particular dish Laksa has merged from Chinese and elements of Malay as well. There are two variations of Laksa namely the Curry Laksa and Asam Laksa. These dishes are really mouth watering and are liked by almost each and every lovers of food those who have paid a visit to the streets of Singapore.

assam_pedas_fishCurry fish head

This particular dish might consist of a south Indian origin but the ethnicities of Singapore and its own unique taste has made this dish more desirable and tastier. This particular dish is being eaten by many and has got great demands in Singapore. Either half a head or a whole fish head of a Red Snapper is stewed in the curry with vegetables like Lady’s Finger and brinjals.

Well the title was 7 but we decided to add abit more…(:

Thus, while planning to pay a visit in Singapore do not ever forget to try out these super delicious foods if you have that enthusiasm and energy in the matter of trying out extremely mouth watering delicious street foods of Singapore. This list might come in handy at that moment. Enjoy your time in Singapore!

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