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Monday, October 2, 2023


So i’ve been with my gf for about 1 year already. We met at friends gathering and i chased her for about 3 months.


At first it’s always the sweet, happy moments but nowadays, i have always been tolerating her unreasonable actions.

1) We worked at the same place. She always demand that i drive car and pick her up. I live a bit nearer to the workplace and sometimes if it’s raining and it’ll last till next morning, she will come over my place to stay overnight but she have a lot of demands and she’s very easily emotional. There was once where she have no appetite when mine parents specially cooked dishes for her, she just say no appetite and went back to room. i told mine mum she not feeling well. just keep some for her, i later bring into room for her. End up i’m the one eating while she went to order grab food?

2) I brought her ann mum for shopping, so my mum was those that feel cold easily while gf was the opposite. So when we were in the car otw to shopping mall. I lowered the aircon for my mum and my gf was the shouting about mine actions and saying that by doing so, i don’t care about her, i’m a Mama’s Boy.

3) There was one day where she woke up n ignored me then started being very emotional. i asked her why n she just give me that stare n no words (she not on her period). Later that day, she said she dreamed of me cheating on her with other girls and said that she had that dream because i don’t give her enough attentions for her to feel secure in a relationship.


4) After dating about 1 year, she met mine family but she’s always delaying for me to meet her family. Said what next time, i haven’t gotten to her kind of standard for me to meet her family etc. It’s really tiring n hurtful to tolerate her actions and giving ur best to her while she just think i am still not up to her standard.

Here are what netizens think:

  • You know why guys like to change cars every few years? Its becos they cannot change their wives. You have every opportunity and right to do so now! Dun think too hard! Go change to a better model now!
  • She’s a taker, not a giver. Period. And your life’s gonna be totally ruined if you’re thinking of spending your life with her. There could be reasons why she doesn’t want to let you meet her parents. 1, maybe even her own family detests her self entitled character and too many other things which she doesn’t want you to know(maybe she don’t have a good relationship with her family). 2, she’s having reservations in this relationship.
  • You may like her, but she is not taking you seriously. She is spoilt and a insecure person. You either wake her up or leave her. She is taking you for granted.
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