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Regarding my gambling bf. Thanks for sharing your story. And all the comments regarding my post. Appreciate all the positive and negative comments. I feel so nice writing here as I don’t really talk to my frns abt this kind of stuff.


So it all started when he get to know my brother-in-law and his friends. I brought him to meet my family members during cny. He got close to my brother-in-law real quick through poker.

My bro in law was playing poker with his frns and asked if he wanna join too. They started to play poker during cny season, most every night. I was mad but i did not say much as he would said aiya, only cny ma. Don’t worry. So I don’t really mind.

My father used to be a gambler but then he started to change at one point of life.

Idk when but i rmb was quite old like 50s? Now he is in 70s. He always regretted he gamble so much and wish he could save more money. Now he is retired and i am supporting to pay all the utility and bills with 2 of my sisters. 2 of my bros do not save money and often borrow money from us. Now my father has changed. Im grateful for that. But the worst part is, now my mum is the one keep gambling away all the money. She often borrow money from family member to pay back all the debts. Idk how much she owe but I am so tired keep nagging her over the same thing. So from my background, you can see that I don’t really like gambler. I always help them and feel like is my responsibility to help them. Of course the responsibility come with a lot of stress. I sometimes cry out of nowhere.

Some comments mentioned that it’s just a phase and it’s normal that guys play poker as a hobby as it is a probability and social game. I do really hope that it’s just a phase. Sorry for the long story, back to my bf. My brother actually came back from oversea few months back and he kinda knw my bf likes to play poker through my brother in law. So he invited my bf to join so I thought it was ok. One time only ma. And my brother gonna fly soon. Soon i regretted, as everything started from there. They created a whatsapp group and he often play poker like almost every weekend or sometimes even weekdays. He reduces it to 2 days per month now as i used the break up card. If im in a good mood, i would allow him to go more as he will randomly hint me the whatsapp group got ppl jio.


Now my brother fly back oversea dy, he still ply often as he is close to my brother’ frns now. Lmao I don’t even know whether this is a good thing.

Lets talk abt winning. He losses quite alot in the first few mths, paying tuition fees. Often time, he would mentioned that he use alot of money and the fact i know he losses money as he usually don’t mention abt this since he is earning quite a decent salary. He would pay for most of our meals. Even when he losses money, he still bought me a bag and perfume. I would buy expensive gift for him during some occasion as well. He is telling me now he is getting the hang of the poker game and always sharing me the fun thing during the game.

The thing I’m concerned is, he bought a condo and probably can get the house key nx year. If he continues like this, will he able to save up money for renovations and furniture or even house loan. I just feel insecure. We have discussed about this concern of mine and he mentioned that he will control the limit and reassure me that i do not have to worry.

I will give it some time and if this is phase won’t change or is getting worse then i will eventually give up.

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