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How do people deal with their boyfriend’s girl best friend??


I’ve noticed over 3 years that my bf and his girl best friend talks almost everyday. He claims that because of religion, he will never date her. I’ve met her before and I do find that she’s quite nice. She does try to include me everytime she hangs out with him.

Unfortunately, I do think she oversteps her boundaries, as a single girl talking to an attached man? For example, she talks to my bf about shaving her pubic hair & also updates & complains to him constantly about her trip etc when she’s on holiday- abit like what a gf would do?

Am I thinking too much? The reason why I suddenly thought of this after 3 years is that recently we have talked about getting married. As a gf, I guess maybe I haven’t thought too much into it- but as a wife? Would I be ok if my husband has a girl best friend who keeps talking to him all the time and updating him about her life?? Is this normal? But yet I feel it’s not my position to make him “unfriend” his girl best friend…

Here are what netizens think:

  • Before being in rs with you, if he had gf or bff that’s totally fine. It means he knows how to handle & take care of girl’s feelings. Advantageous for you.But once he’s with you, he should’ve put a boundary or minimised those bff things. It’s riskier for you to let them be so free with each other.Tell your bf you’re not comfortable with him hanging out with his bff. If he listens to you, he’s yours. Otherwise just leave him.
  • Wow so many people do not trust their partners. Different people talk about different stuff. Your partner is openly sharing with you what he talks about with his best friend. You wouldn’t be worried if it’s a guy. He made a choice to be with you. If you still don’t trust him then don’t be with him.Also, people need to communicate with their partners instead of guessing or asking strangers on the internet. Go to couples therapy if you don’t know how to breach certain subjects. It’s fine. Some topics/discussion could use a third, neutral party to facilitate.
  • My husband got a lot of girls bff since I knew him. But none of them talks about their private parts. The only time I heard was when i was about to give birth, and they were sharing about their labours, and the girls were joking about the shaved area. But, you can tell by their regular conversations la. Trust your guts. Mine, even his girls bff talks rubbish, but it has becomes my friend as well, and you know they talked like that.
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