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A girl shared how she cried while she was doing it with her boyfriend for other reasons, and now he thinks that he did something wrong.


Here is the story:

“I cried while sleeping with my boyfriend and I don’t know how to tell him why it happened

Essentially, my bf and I were doing it and I wasn’t exactly turned on and we didn’t have any foreplay but I was still comfortable enough to go through with it. I’ve always said to him if I was uncomfortable I’d tell him and I have said no to him before and he respects it completely.

However I think it’s important to preface this with the fact that in the past with other partners, there have been times were I was uncomfortable or straight up did not want to, but did it anyway. And it’s my own fault bc I never told the guys I was with before that I wanted to stop. I didn’t realise how much this affected me until recently.

So tonight when my bf and I were doing it, I started to go dry and it was starting to get quite painful and ideally I should’ve told him I wanted to stop.


But it had been a while since we’d seen each other and I just wanted him to feel good. I know it sounds so bad cause I always told him I would tell him but suddenly in the moment, it was like my head was drowned with a million thoughts of all those past experiences were I felt uncomfortable or like I was being used.

I was just completely zoned out with these thoughts and I wanted to say stop bc the pain & thoughts were getting worse, but I just couldn’t. He started to ask if I was okay and to tell him if it was too much and I could feel myself beginning to tear up but even then I tried to hide it and told him to continue.

I really didn’t want him to think it was his fault. He heard in my voice though that something was wrong and he stopped, and then I burst out in tears.

He was so comforting and started apologising thinking it was something he did. I didn’t give him and explanation and said I just needed space and that I will talk about it, but for him not to worry cause it was nothing he did.

How do I tell him what happened, because I promised him id always tell him. I also don’t want to exaggerate my past experiences. And I know if I try to explain how I felt in the past to my bf, he will start to blame himself thinking he took advantage or something.


I’m just very confused and sensitive right now cause I didn’t realise how much those past experiences have clearly affected me.”

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