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A girl shared a story of how she ended up making a mistake by ‘doing it’ with her friend’s boyfriend one night after they were hanging out together.


They were having drinks at a bar before they decided to extend their drinking session by having a round two at her friend’s place.

One thing led to another at the friend’s place and she ‘did it’ with her friend’s boyfriend while her friend had went into her room to sleep first.

Here is the story

“I’ll start off by saying my best friend [A] and her partner [L] are in an open relationship. Last night they invited me out to a bar and this was my first time meeting L. We had a few drinks. Met some people. Had a nice time.

Through the night, L had made some minor comments about having interest in me, in front of A. Saying he’s seen my profiles online on some of the dating apps that I was previously on and found me ‘interesting’


Afterwards, we went back to A’s place, to continue having round two of drinks and I had intended to sleep on the sofa and only go home the next morning. A headed for bed while L and I stayed up for a little talking. We ended up cuddling, he kissed me and led to making out and eventually the ‘did’.

I honestly wasn’t sure what to think at first, but I was into it.

My brain went into a blank. I feel conflicted because I wasn’t sure if A knows that L had intended to do this. In the moment I had felt that they’re in an open relationship and L had made his comments about me while we were hanging out. They must have had some talks about me? Right?

Part way through, there were some footsteps coming from A’s room and L thinks A woke up and immediately retreats from me. Taking me a bit by surprise. L seemed very concerned about A seeing us.

Coast was clear. L came back and wanted to continue, but this was the point when I essentially stopped it and sent him to bed to be with his girlfriend.


Morning came and it’s like nothing happened.

Feeling conflicted. I have no idea; how A would react if she knew I’ve just done something behind her back, if I should say something, or if it’s even my place to say something.

I feel I’ve screwed up for sure, but what feels more screwed up is I enjoyed it. I enjoyed being with L without A. He was so kind and I felt extremely comfortable. And I can’t wait to see him again.”

Image source: Unsplash.com

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