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How do you deal with a situationship? 1.5 years of being ‘together’ and yet the guy you love is still undecided on you.


Even when you give your 200%, you are never good enough. You give him everything without expecting anything in return and yet you are never good enough.

He is out there knowing other girls under the pretence of friendship & gets mad when you express your concern. Somehow your concern is always a manifestation of your paranoia, impatience and anxiety. It’s never valid and you start second-guessing your gut and feelings all the time.

Funny how he doesn’t want you but at the same time, he doesn’t want to let you go. Despite all the red flags with his loyalty and commitment, you can’t let go too because you sincerely hopes he will change one day. Do you stay when he doesn’t call or check in on you? Do you stay when meeting you has become a chore? Do you stay when you’re non existent to the people around him?

Do you stay when you’re never his priority? I guess I know the answers to my own questions but letting go is tough when I’m shrouded and blinded by my love for him.


Question now is: How much longer can I wait until the heart runs out of love?

Respond from someone with similar encounters

I find myself in a similar situation-SHIT, where I love him deeply and willing to contribute everything I can, but I don’t receive genuine affection in return.

I was aware of the red flags, which were even worse than yours because I knew he had a LT girlfriend while he was with me. I wasn’t certain if they were still together, as the girlfriend knew he was being unfaithful (although he was unaware that I knew all of this).

Despite these red flags, he insisted that he was single and not ready for a committed relationship, this he just want to remains as it is.

Despite knowing he was a manipulative person who enjoyed playing with girls, I still held onto the hope that if I continued to show him my sincere love, he would eventually reciprocate. However, I was wrong, We cannot change someone’s feelings, and we cannot change who they are. We can’t force love.


I’ve always tried hard to break free from this toxic cycle, but I find myself falling into the trap again and again whenever he returns or just some nice words from him. Yet, I was still consistently treated poorly right after we meet, and our encounters are always brief (obviously i was just being used, I know)

I’m still struggling to find a way to leave and move on. I have no one to confide in because my friends and family would simply think I’m foolish. It feels as though nobody truly understands me.

I sincerely hope that you have already moved on from your situation. I wish I could meet you in person so that we could support each other in escaping this terrible situation.

All the best to you.

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