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Monday, October 2, 2023


Very annoyed with a friend in my group.


She’s one of the followers in the group as she doesn’t like to state an opinion until we speak and she doesn’t voice out a choice until we speak out too.

I know she likes to blend in but its starting to annoy me because she consistently copies how I dress, up till what I carry and use, the last straw was that she also copy my hairstyle!

I’ve been following a blogshop recently and got a few outfits. She followed my ig so she must have seen the tags on my posts. Not long I see her wearing the same outfits as me, including the same colors. People joked that we look like sisters. But I don’t find it funny at all. Whatever happened to individuality?

I cut bangs recently and she followed suit. I cut short to shoulder length because it’s been so hot lately and she did the same too! She even copy the kind of shoes I wear. I switched to mules and she also did the same. It’s so annoying!


I use real Chanels and Gucci.and what nots. I get this is hard to copy but she got similar quilted bags without logos that look like imitation. I worry people will think that I also carry fake bags. I dread the day we ever got caught wearing the exact same combination. I don’t want to look like a fool together with her!

I stopped sharing where I got my things but she still manages to find a similar version of what I’ve got. Argh….

Mutual friends tell me to just ignore it and take it as a compliment. It’s like telling me I should be glad even though I feel violated, robbed, harassed. How does this justify what she’s doing? I feel so annoyed! Why can’t she find her own style?!

Here are what netizens think:

  • I ask you this. Will you be annoyed if someone on the street wears the same as you? The fact that she copies you is a reflection of her inadequacy. This process that you’re going through is self inflicted, and only you can stop it. Even if you manage to get her to stop, when the next person starts doing the same, it’s another round of mental anguish and negativity for you. Let go. Don’t take it personally. Don’t even think this is flattery. Just ignore. If people quip that you look like sisters, just dissociate from that statement and maybe say you feel sorry for the copycat. And move on. Don’t let it destroy your peace. And this is one instance where you have control.
  • keep it going, if you have at least 20 people like that, you might be able to start a cult.. grow your worshipper and later on collect money
  • As a friend.. give her some suggestions and directions what what suits her better. She probably find herself sharing the same fashion sense as you. Like you said.. “Doesn’t like to state an opinion until we speak, likes to blend in”. Lastly, don’t need to confront her. She probably doesn’t know she offended you.
  • Put “Hey X, this is the link for you to purchase the EXACT items I have! Don’t need paiseh ah! I am glad you love my style and that I am your muse! Xoxo” everytime you post online.
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