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A girl complaint online as she is unhappy with her fiance forcing her to sign the prenup before the marriage.

Here is the story:

I would like to share my story of my fiance, we have been together for 8 years and through thick and thin. Before he was a lawyer he was poor and could barely afford to take me out.

Most of the time I even paid for him, but luckily after he managed to get his law degree his salary increased so much after he became a lawyer and he finally started to chip in and treat me more than I treat him.

He proposed to me a few months back and I felt that I was out of this world. My friends was cheering saying “wah you marry lawyer sure good life”.

Earlier today, a DHL courier arrived at my home and my fiance called me saying that it is a prenup agreement. I was shocked!

I know he is a lawyer but the prenup agreement is like a dictionary. Initially, I thought he sends a dictionary to my house as it was over 1000 pages. I flipped to the last page and it was 1068 pages.

I called him and scolded him, He said that I have to look through the agreement first. If it’s ok we can go down to his law firm to sign each page.

Then I was like: “huh you want me to read it and go down your law firm and sign all 1068 pages one by one?”

He said “yes” in a soft tone, I have not talked to him for the past 3 days as I was still thinking about what to do. In my heart, I know that even if we end up divorcing I will not take his money.

Secondly, he just become a lawyer how long-only, not like he has any assets for me to take. But he could argue “one would never know about the future”. Having a lawyer as a husband made me think twice, I could never win him in arguments and he always said that my arguments were based on emotion and not based on facts.

I told him: ” Hello, Im a woman” Lawyer boyfriend is like having a blockhead, left is left, right is right. But women are like that one mah…

Should I marry this lawyer husband or should I try to convince him not to do the prenup?

We are more than just a couple we are also best friends. I think studying a law degree and becoming a lawyer has changed him.

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