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A girl shared how she broke up with her boyfriend of 6 years after she found out he was cheating, they even had plans to get married and even had a BTO and ring prepared.


Here is the story:

“My bf and I just broke up 2 months ago and I still can’t get over it. We have been together for 6 years and I am always the one talking about future planning. He would just keep quiet and follow the flow.

Our BTO is ready next year so the plan was to get married this or next year. He already bought a ring (under my pressure because I wanna get married and the house is ready next year) then I realized he giving me cold treatment and doesn’t talk to me. I feel something is amiss and I always ask him if something is going on and if he has anything to tell me. But he always no, he said he loves me. That’s all he said. I take his reply at face value so I thought nothing is wrong.

Found out he was cheating

Only after I found out he is texting and going out on dates with his colleagues. He is flirting with her and bringing her out to eat and play. To my horror because I trust him so much and never thought he is a cheater. After I found out, he texted me to break up and we will not be the same as last time because trust is broken. He didn’t even ask for forgiveness and a chance to get back to me.


Thinking back, I guess he already cheated on me 1-2 years back but I was kept in the dark. Our s– life has deteriorated that I am the one initiated and got rejected. His answer is he has a low s– drive or he is tired. He doesn’t feel turned on or passionate anymore. So I think he cheated back then because he is getting s– somewhere else.

I feel that I am really dumb and took so long to realize something is wrong with us. He is a habitual liar and he lies without blinking his eyes. I only found out his true color after we broke up. The tone and attitude changed so much that I could not believe he is the one I love for so many years.

Why can’t men be loyal

So the lesson I learned is that when you feel that the s– drive change, it is a red alert that he is getting s– outside. Also if you feel that he doesn’t talk to you or reply to you as fast as last time. It is probably he is talking or texting other girls.

Never trust guys who can sweet talk and give promises easily. They know girls will be happy and believe them. They can stay in a relationship with their girlfriend but still have FWB and hookups with no strings attached.

Why men can’t control their little bro and be loyal to only one girl? Is it really so difficult for men?


Women’s youth is very precious and they are wasting their time by keeping her while cheating outside. Guys should be more responsible and be morally upright!

I can’t accept Hookups and FWB is it because I am too conservative? Should I be more open-minded and not judge? I have no idea is it my issue or society issue anymore.

Ethically I feel that s– is an intimate connection with the one you love. Am I am too outdated? Human nature needs intercourse, I can understand.

But with strangers I can’t, I feel it’s dirty and disgusting. I can’t kiss someone I don’t know let alone sleep together.”

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