Dear riders,
When you book a Go Jek ride , you knew it was cheaper than other competitors.

1. There is no multiple stop, so don’t try your luck. Unless you are willing to pay the difference, then send a confirmation text to driver.
This is to ensure you don’t report driver for charging more due to your request.
Yes, there are some of you who did that. And drivers were suspended because you lied and cheated.

2. Don’t force drivers to break the law for you when you have kids below 1.35 m. Don’t give drivers the stupiak excuses that Go Jek never say got this law. The law was implemented by the government of Singapore, Not the app company. When you have kids, text driver and see if they have booster seat for your kids. If not, take taxi or grab family.
Otherwise, don’t tell people how much you love your kids when you are willing to risk their safety over $2 extra.

3. Do not make drivers wait for you, five minutes is already irritating enough for drivers to wait. Yet, there are still some of you making drivers wait more than five minutes. And you still have the cheek to say it wasn’t very long.
A driver drives an average of 12 hours per day. About 24 trips per day. Every 5 minutes wastes on each rider will accumulate to 120 minutes per working day. So in order to hit 24 trips, drivers need to stay on the road for another 2 hours. Which he or she could rest if not because of late riders, but due to your self entitled, air head, selfish nature. Drivers have to risk their lives because they were too tired but still can’t rest.

4. Do not change your destination when you board the car,Because it will be a different price. Drivers hate to be stunt by this type of moronic request.
You wan to change, expect to pay the difference.
What makes you think drivers are obligated to do it your way? You booked destination A, you go to A. when you want to go B, you rebook or prepare to pay the difference.
Don’t give us the crap that why can’t we be flexible and do it for YOU! who the hoot do you think you are? We drive to make a living, we are not your slaves and your $ are not even enough to pay for our tyre.
So, stop your ” I pay you, you listen ” attitude.
You paid for a trip to a destination you want to go, you didn’t pay for a slave. Get that into your head.

5. Do not touch or take the sweets from the car without asking permission.
You booked a ride, you didn’t pay for the treats.
Taking without asking is stealing, don’t be a thief. And don’t come and say isn’t drivers supposed to provide these? Would you go to a boutique and take the sales people food? Because you THINK they should provide.
No, drivers bought the sweets for themselves.
When I say you can take the sweets, then you can take. When you take them without asking, you are stealing. And if driver tell you off, do not insult your parents and yourself by retorting that drivers are supposed to provide them.

6. Do not eat or drink in my car !!! Or leave your sweet wrappers or bottle or drinks container in my car! You bring it in, you take it out! You have a brain right? Use it.

7. Don’t tell the driver which route to take because you want to save on the Erp. You waste our time just to save your money? Our time, literally equals to money! Do not tell us how to drive and which way to go. You so kiang, get yourself a car and drive yourself lah.

8. Put on the bloody seat belt when you are in the car. I am not your mother, I need not have to nag at you to put on the seat belt. It’s for your safety, and if TP decided to catch. It’s $120 each!
Driver will kena 3 demerit points and $120 fine. The law has been around for twenty something years already.
So don’t come Challenge the drivers that there is no such law.

9. Do not ask driver to pick or drop you at the bus stop/ taxi stand/ no stopping area. You are not going to pay the summon for the driver. And why would the driver risk getting a $300 fine and 3 demerit points for your miserable $10?
And you still have the cheek to blame Drivers!? You are asking the drivers to break the law, on the drivers expense, for your convenience.
Did you flushed your brain into the toilet? What makes you think drivers will risk that?
And stop whining when drivers ignores your stupidity.

I am not saying all riders are like that, but many of you are.
So, please do everyone a favor and stop behaving like a self entitled brat.
Don’t spoil your day and the drivers day.

There, I’ve said it.

Good day
Aunty Debbie

Post taken from Facebook user Debbie Simpson Ong.