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A netizen took to social media to voice displeasure about Grab Food after his sister who is working as a Grab Food delivery personnel was allegedly ‘sanctioned’ by Grab for not replying to the customer who was trying to communicate with her using the in-app chat.


He explains that his sister received three grouped orders which was given to her by the Grab app which means she has to deliver the orders to three different locations.

The customer in question who was trying to communicate with her had apparently waited for a ‘long time’ for his or her Grab Food order to arrive and according to the netizen had probably reported his sister for not replying him or her.

The netizen also showed screenshots of the conversation between his sister and the customer on the Grab app as well as Grab’s message to his sister after the customer reported on her.

The message by Grab however looked a little dubious due to the standard of English in the message.


In the alleged message by Grab, Grab mentioned that they have ‘sanctioned’ the delivery personnel and also mentioned to her that the ‘consumer is always right’.

Here is what the netizen said

“Be careful of this customer yesterday my sis had to pick up 3 order then this customer msg my sis cause wait long and to make it worst is his location is the last place to deliver lol. Not sure if my sis was rude because it’s contactless leave on hook but he reported her. “Consumer always right” you can get sanction for not replying to consumer?

Recently grab has been in the limelight for being to harsh on their driver partner without proper investigation”

Here are screenshots of the conversation with the customer and Grab’s message

Here are what netizens think

  • Customer is not always right and Grab should have protected its partner by listening to both side of the story rather than come out with customer is always right….
  • If u cant make it on time due to stack orders.. if they take time to listen to you. Just explain and apologized first. Always say sorry first. Dont talk about other shit first. If u apologized and then they dont care , just walk in.. then its ok. At least u apologized. Other matters they can report to Grab. But do send them a message.. sometime vocal telling them is not enough.. do sms them
  • Not all customer is always right, we have our human of right also. Grab answer that is totally wrong by siding just to their customer.
  • First time i see customer complain to Grab u are rude to him.. customer is always right in Grab side.. but it all vary from the situation. If customer get violent and scold vulgar words.. then he is not right. But if u as a rider did not do your part. Like explain or apologize. And talk back rudely.. then rider is wrong..
  • Grab customer oso don’t understand riders oso human ma , will need to wait for merchant to prepare the order watch out for traffic lagi yours so unlucky stack and is the last to be send , every Grab rider wants to be quick , the faster to complete order the faster new order come in the more the money come in too

Image source: Dan Lee/Facebook

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