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Screenshots of a conversation between a Grab passenger and the Grab help center had recently emerged on Reddit’s singapore happenings thread.


From a cursory reading of the conversation, the Grab passenger had left some office equipment inside the trunk of the car and while the passenger had just alighted and was about to go and retrieve the office equipment, the Grab driver drove off, leaving her stranded there.

She then contacted Grab’s help center to seek help but instead received ‘rude’ comments from whoever was behind the other side of the conversation.

Claimed that every time she contacted help center, they treated her case like new

The Grab passenger mentioned in the conversation at 1:56 pm that she had called Grab’s help center for a few times and each time when she called, the operator treated it like it was the first time that she reported her case.

She also claimed that no follow up to her report was given and even after trying chat support, she was told that the driver could not find anything.


She then seemed to plead for help, saying that she is feeling a little frustrated because she cannot work without her equipment and now also has to cancel on the job.

Asked for an update about 5 minutes later and was rebuked by Grab

According to the screenshot, the Grab passenger then asked for an update on her case at around 2.02pm, but instead got a reply from them saying:

‘First of all, it’s whose fault that left own belonging in the car?’

That got the Grab passenger to explain the situation where she just alighted from the car and was about to go to the back trunk to retrieve her belongings but the driver just drove off.

Grab’s help center then proceeded to chide her for not being patient

According to the screenshot, the operator on Grab’s help center side then told the woman that as customer service, they have been trying to help her reach the driver for her lost belongings and they also said that they have asked the woman to stay on the chat and wait patiently but she was not being cooperative.


They then proceeded to throw the driver’s number to the woman and asked her to contact the driver herself, while at the same time recommending to the woman to reimburse the driver ($10) for coming back to her to return her items.

Woman then said she will make a Police report

The chat then ended with the woman saying that she is ‘amazed’ by Grab’s customer service and would make a Police report regarding their unacceptable standards of service.

Grab driver asked for $20 to return her items

In another screenshot which appears to be the Grab passenger’s Whatsapp conversation with the driver, the driver told the woman that the fee for returning her her items would be $20.


In a later update posted, it was mentioned that Grab had reached out to the driver involved and he had acknowledge that there was negligence on his part.

The $20 which the Grab passenger paid to the driver was also reimbursed to her.

As for the customer service operator, he/she received a prior warning before and since this incident was not his/her first warning, he/she had been let go by Grab.

Grab also apologised for the bad customer service experience received by the woman.

Image source: Reddit/Curiouschibai

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