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A netizen @diurnaowl, shared how he bought an iPad and an Apple Pen from Shopee but it came with issues and he can’t get a refund for his problematic purchase.


Here is what he said

I recently purchased an Ipad and Apple Pen from ShopeeMall but there is a problem with the Ipad.

When I received the Ipad and Apple Pen, I got a confirmation email to verify that the order was received and I clicked the link from the email since everything was delivered and packaged fine without thinking much of it.

The problem comes when I turn on the Ipad and if you’re familiar with apple products, you need to do a Quick Start set-up either manually or using your old phone. Once I reached the wifi page, after pressing next on the top right screen, it says that the Ipad is under remote management by a company.

After going on Apple forums, I realised I wouldn’t be able to use the Ipad unless I miracly have access to the company’s IT.


So I contacted the seller through the Shopee app,but despite them being an official reseller, their replies are unuseful and of no help, which is why I contacted shopee team for help.

They responded via email 1 hour later (on Sunday) with the promise of looking into the problem within 3-5 business days. Friday night comes around so I drop an email asking for an update and then later contacting through the Shopee app directly and still no response from them.

So I called in during Saturday afternoon (during my work break) and finishing the call and finally getting a response from the shopee team asking for evidence (not sure why this took so long if that’s all they were going to ask for) which I complied to.

Finally I got a response today saying shopee will not give me a refund as the seller states that the problem is an “internal company security system issue” and the item is not faulty and that I should contact the company myself (which should not be my responsibility as they should have removed this before it was even shipped to my address).

any advice/help would be appreciated!


update: I sent them another email explaining that the remote management isn’t something easily removable and including an explanation regarding lemon law and in response I got: the same auto-generated email saying I need to provide (image proof/video proof/amount to refund etc.), which I’ve already given to Shopee in our previous emails.

update 2: after sending the proof again, surprise they sent another auto-generated email asking for proof 🫠. Had my sibling go to the apple store this friday and the apple store currently has my iPad on hold. (their customer service is trying harder than the reseller and shopee)

Netizens’ comments

  • Rookie mistake of clicking item is delivered without checking the status of it properly first. Always always check first.
  • You can try to bring it to an Apple store (like an actual Apple store, not authorised reseller) and ask the staff for advice.
  • Opposite experience with Lazada. Bought “new” Samsung phone, breaks after 11 months. Take it to Samsung warranty they say we were scammed with refurbished phone so not got 12 month warranty. Go back to seller, they run away. Speak to Lazada, they gave full refund pretty quick.
    Note:- the shop that ripped us off changed from Lazada to QOO10.
  • I dunno but I would try bring it to Apple and let them know about the reseller also. Could be some procedures for resetting which they are not following, and Apple can be really particular about their reputation.
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